Tyranny Is on the Ballot

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Today the nation votes for or against tyranny. Do most voters realize that?

Will New Yorkers remember when Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) went full racist and declared that white people need not apply for monoclonal antibody treatments for the Bat Stew Flu?


Will the same people remember that former governor Andrew Cuomo let 15,000 elderly people die by sending COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes?

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer applied draconian lockdowns in the Great Lake State. She had a restaurant owner from formerly communist Poland arrested for not bending her knee and closing shop. She went after a barber and removed his license because he wouldn’t close his doors. Then she ignored her own rules, went drinking in bars, and flew to Florida. Lockdown rules are only for the peasants.

Who could forget Kamala Harris pimping a bail fund to free the toilet people of Antifa after they tried to burn our cities for nine months? We can’t have those blue-haired, gender-free anarchists wasting time in jail when they could be on the streets assaulting the police.

KISS MY A**-O-RAMA! The libs knew in May of 2020 that 84% of COVID hospitalizations were people who had been locked down, yet they kept us at home anyway. This is blatant tyranny, and the bolshies must be punished.

Blue governors shuttered businesses, closed schools, and demanded that Americans surrender their liberties for the “good of the people.”

FACT-ORAMA! Communism always comes disguised as being “for the benefit of the people” although it is always just a way to steal our freedoms.


Biden’s Ministry of Truth died the inglorious death it deserved, but if you think the Marxist-in-Chief won’t bring it back, I’d like to sell you my beautiful, invisible, topless mermaid who cleans pools and keeps secrets.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

We still have the right and the power to send the bolshies packing. Use that power now while you can. The Marxist push toward globalism is real, and the pinko pigs aren’t even hiding it anymore.

Check out this World Economic Forum (WEF) video from 2017:

Americans watched their loved ones die on a tablet because they couldn’t get into the hospital, all for a virus that more than 99% of Americans would survive.

FACT-O-RAMA! Johns Hopkins University claims that 98.9% of Americans survive the Hong Kong Fluey. That figure does not take into account the millions of people, many children, who caught the Bat Stew Flu and didn’t repot it to a doctor.

Cowardly Americans attacked those of us who knew better than to bend our knees and raise our sleeves for nine shots that would do little more than give us myocarditis and line the pockets of big pharma. Many of us were attacked or ridiculed for not wearing a useless mask.


FAUCI FACE DIAPER-O-RAMA! Those blue procedural masks you see blowing around grocery store parking lots are only 38.5% effective. You wouldn’t use birth control with that level of success.

The scariest part of today’s election is that almost half the nation is okay with communism. They feel safe. Remember what Ben Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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Vote like you mean it, patriots. Vote until CNN’s leading lady Don Lemon squirts tears on camera. Vote until Joy Reid’s head explodes, then watch it repeatedly and laugh until you pee a little.

I have a bottle of bourbon and a Romeo and Juliet cigar on hold for tonight. Let’s rock this casbah!


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