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Check back throughout the evening for updates about these important races in New York. Up-to-the-minute results powered by DDHQ are below. For all races across the U.S., click here.


Update 12:30 a.m.: Hochul has 54% of the vote, and Zeldin has 46%. Nassau County, a Zeldin stronghold, has reported 66% of its votes. Still nothing from Zeldin’s home of Suffolk County.

Update 11:54 p.m.: Fox News has called NY for Kathy Hochul. She currently has 55% of the vote, and Zeldin has 45%. Zeldin strongholds such as Nassau and Suffolk Counties have not yet reported their vote tallies, however.

Update 11:15 p.m.: With 59.3% of the votes in, Hochul’s lead is down to 55.2% of the vote, and Zeldin has 44.8%. This does not include several Zeldin strongholds such as Nassau and Suffolk Counties, both of which are on Long Island. Districts, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 have been called for Democrats. However, the gubernatorial race is still too close to call.

Update 10:05 p.m.: In our first update, we reported that Hochul had 75% of the vote and Zeldin had 25%. As of now, with 24.8% of the votes in, Hochul has 64.6% of the vote and Zeldin has 35.4%. Zeldin needs 30% of NYC to win. He has 66% of Staten Island and 36.3% of Queens County. He has 26.5% of Kings County. Schumer is the presumed winner for Senate over GOP candidate Joe Pinion. New York City Rep races are coming in with no changes or upsets being reported. Check back soon for updates.

Update 9:48 p.m.: With roughly 15.6% of the votes counted, Hochul has 68.5% of the vote and Zeldin has 31.5%. Less than 1% of the votes from Zeldin stronghold Suffolk County, the most populous county outside of the five boroughs of NYC, have been tallied.


Update 9:19 p.m.: Roughly 8% of the votes are in and Zeldin has closed the gap a bit. Hochul has 481,85670. votes or 70.9%. She is down 4.1%. Lee Zeldin has 199,242 votes, or 29.1%, up from 25% just minutes ago.

Update 9:13 p.m.: Roughly 5.3% of the votes are in, and Democrat Kathy Hochul has 75% with 290,054 votes. The GOP’s Lee Zeldin has 25% with 68,132

Update 9 p.m.: The polls in New York State closed at 9:00 p.m. Results are expected to trickle in. Lee Zeldin has closed the gap in many polls and taken the lead in others. Early voting in the Democrat stronghold of NYC was a mere 38% of what it was in 2020, a bad sign for Hochul. She picked up an additional 5% after having Kamala and Hillary stump for her.

Original article: 

New York is in a dogfight. The solidly blue state is showing signs of going red for the first time since Governor George Pataki won 20 years ago. Many New Yorkers believe this is the last chance to save New York from lifelong Marxism. Many see the New York gubernatorial race as a harbinger for the rest of the nation.

New York is one of the most diverse states in the U.S. New York City is a bastion of far-left liberalism. People are relocating to NYC from countries across the world every day.

There are 61 cities and roughly 933 towns in New York State. Upstate New York is more blue-collar. New York state has thousands of acres of farmland.

Long Island is home to roughly 3 million people. It was blue for years but went four-for-four for the GOP in last year’s elections. Either Kathy Hochul will be the first woman elected as governor of New York, or Lee Zeldin will be the first Republican elected to the governor’s mansion in 20 years.


Lee Zeldin has been polling better than Pataki was at the same time back in his victorious 1994 race against Mario Cuomo. This bodes well not only for Zeldin but for all Republicans on the ticket.

New York State is difficult to predict via polls for several reasons. For starters, New York City dwellers typically lean far left, but those who don’t are reluctant to talk about it for fear of losing friends, family, and even career opportunities. That said, more and more NYC liberals are breaking for Lee Zeldin, claiming crime as their top issue, which Kathy Hochul believes isn’t an issue. That is driving some lifelong libs into Camp Zeldin.

There are also some potential speed bumps to keep in mind.


  • Not only is former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo not helping Hochul’s campaign, but many of his followers are also voting for Zeldin. Expect Cuomo to try to make a comeback next time around.
  • Many upstate New Yorkers routinely refuse to vote, believing the libs of NYC will vote and carry the state.
  • Zeldin is from Suffolk County, the most populous county outside of NYC’s five boroughs, and will do well there.
  • Zeldin needs 30% of the NYC vote to win and has been polling at 35% or better for a couple of weeks now.
  • Many New Yorkers are pro-choice, to one extent or another. Even though Zeldin has stated he will not go after abortion, many women are suspicious and will vote for Hochul.
  • Zeldin is expected to crush Hochul on Staten Island and is polling well with Asian, Hispanic, and Orthodox Jewish voters throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of the Bronx, as well as the Orthodox communities north of NYC.
  • Hochul is from Buffalo, and is expected to do well in western New York

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Polls vary, but most have Hohul winning—though we saw the same thing 20 years ago when Republican Geroge Pataki won a third term.

Joe Pinion is challenging Chuck Schumer for his Senate seat. Schumer is considered bullet-proof, but if Democrats don’t show up to vote for Hochul,  Schumer could take a hit, though this seems unlikely to pollsters.

The New York gubernatorial race couldn’t be closer. Stay tuned for updates as they come in.



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