Update: Beheaded Mom Identified and Guess What? The Killer Is an Illegal Immigrant with an Expired Visa

The young mother who was brutally beheaded last Thursday has been identified as 27-year-old Karina Castro. Castro was beheaded with a sword just before noon last Thursday in broad daylight as shocked neighbors watched. The attack took place in front of her apartment building. An earlier report stated she was 25 years old.


Original story here: Animal Beheads Young Mom in Broad Daylight

The alleged killer, Jose Solano Landaeta, reportedly cut off Castro’s head with a sword. He left her head under the car that her body was in. Cops swarmed in minutes later to find the grisly crime scene.

Shortly thereafter, Landaeta returned to the location with two friends and was promptly arrested.

Landaeta is the father of Castro’s one-year-old toddler. Castro also had a seven-year-old daughter.The Santa Monica Observer is reporting Landaeta was in the country illegally, claiming he came to the United States from Venezuela ten years ago on a tourist visa and never left.

Members of Castro’s family spoke on camera with KGO-TV.

“Every time I saw her, I would beg her. Don’t talk to him. Leave him. And it seemed like the more I did that, the more she would see him,” Castro’s father, Marty Castro, lamented to KGO-TV.

In another taped interview, a weeping Marty Castro said, “She was my best friend,” as he watched the fire department hose down the bloody scene of his daughter’s murder.

According to Castro’s grandmother, Danielle Gannon, Landaeta was unemployed but had recorded a few “rap” songs. Reporter Dan Noyes found some of Landaeta’s tunes on YouTube.


Gannon also stated in the taped interview that Landaeta was a “diagnosed schizophrenic on meds and he would use that as an excuse for his behavior. He drank excessively, and you’re not supposed to do that on those medications.”

Noyes looked at some combative, expletive-laced Snapchat messages between Karina Castro and Landaeta that were exchanged before the murder took place in which Castro threatened to tell people about Landaeta’s conviction for raping a minor. Castro responded with “F*** around and find out.” Castro fired back with “u wana put a target on my back ur homies gunna kno the real u,” and “dude go head try and take my a** out.” Then Castro threatened to tell people about Landaeta’s sexual relationship with another man.

You can watch Dan Noyes interview the family below. The interview starts with Gannon telling Noyes, “I’m vaccinated and boosted and everything so you’re safe.”




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