Pelosi Payback, China Fires Missiles in Taiwanese Waters

AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying

One day after Pelosi departed Taiwan, the Chinese are doing what commies do best, firing missiles into the water to send a warning.

“Long-range armed live fire precision missile strikes were carried out on selected targets in the eastern area of the Taiwan Strait,” a spokesperson for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China’s military, declared in a statement.


Taiwan acknowledged the missile launches as credible, claiming they detected them “instantly, and released a statement of its own.

“The People’s Liberation Army launched multiple Dongfeng series ballistic missiles into the waters around northeastern and southwestern Taiwan,” the statement read. “We condemn the irrational actions that have jeopardized regional peace.”

China got its Dongfengs in a twist when U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi defied China’s warnings not to visit Taiwan, which China sees as its real estate.

The PLA conducted military maneuvers in six regions surrounding the island of Taiwan before and during Pelosi’s visit.

Pelosi read a prepared statement after receiving the Order of Propitious Clouds award, the highest honor granted to a civilian. The statement included the following reminder to China,

Today, our delegation – which I’m very proud – came to Taiwan to make unequivocally clear: we will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan, and we’re proud of our enduring friendship.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The Biden administration has been lobbying AGAINST a bill that would declare Taiwan a major non-NATO ally. The bill, if passed, would also hand Taiwan $4.5 billion in security aid.


Biden also sold oil from our strategic reserves to a Chinese company associated with his scandal-scarred progeny, Hunter Biden.

Max Baucus, the ambassador to China under Barack Obama, told CNN that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan makes Gropey Joe look like a weakling.

“Poor Joe Biden. He looks weak because he either told her [Pelosi] not to go, and it looks weak to the Chinese guys, or he’s weak because he told her not to go and she went anyway. And that makes us look a little bit weak to the Chinese.”

“I got to tell you, during the time I was serving in Beijing, one thing I really learned,” Baucus continued. “Chinese understand strength better than do people in any other country, and they could smell weakness 100 miles away. We’ve got to be strong, but strong in the best sense.”



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