Woke Wednesday! Sit Down, Rapinoe. A Man Is Speaking (up for Women)

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My mother always taught me not to conform to gain favor. She said it was a sign of weakness. Stick with what you believe, but make sure what you believe is righteous. She told me standing out was not only ok, but it was also noble. Crowds can be stupid and dangerous, which leads us to the first-ever “Woke Wednesday” rant.

Megan Rapinoe
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The Smucker’s-headed women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe, a supposed icon to young female athletes everywhere, recently came out in favor of men in pigtails being allowed to play soccer with the gals. This is about as smart as inviting Mr. Fox to the chicken coop hoedown.

As we’ve seen again and again, the testosterone gals like swimmer Lia Thomas dominate women’s sports.

While real women are fighting for equality in female sports, Rapinoe is nail-gunning her industry to death before young girls can have a chance at the big time. Why would Rapinoe et tu, Brutus her own industry and scuttle opportunities for legions of little girls who are sure to lose trophies and scholarships to boys? Because, despite her so-called dedication to women, she is a slave to “wokeness,” and she doesn’t have the non-binary reproductive organs to stand up and use her voice for what is right and help other young female athletes succeed in sports the way she has succeeded. Rapinoe is a coward.

FACT-O-RAMA! If men were allowed to play women’s soccer, Rapinoe might not even be on a team. Weird how she’s down with the woke cause now that SHE is rich, right?

“Woke” is a Frankenstein’s monster, and most of the villagers are afraid to put a pitch fork in it, so they sit passively as the creature throws their daughters into a lake. Sane conservatives bite their tongues when a co-worker says “Lia Thomas’ success in women’s swimming is AMAZING,” lest some low-IQ libtard call them a “bigot.” It’s time to stop caring what the lemmings think of you.


INSANITY-O-RAMA! We are at a place where people are afraid to lose their jobs if they don’t coddle crazy men in dresses who feel entitled to steal sports scholarships from young women.

The good news is that there are still a few sane people making decisions. FINA, the world body in charge of competitive water sports, has decided that men can’t compete against women in the pool. This effectively ends transgender swimming “champ” Lia Thomas’ career. The problem is this: FINA is an international organization. If this decision were left up to woke American halfling cowards, crazy-train men would eventually replace every real woman on every team sport that takes place in water.

Feminist skanks should put down their BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriends) and applaud this victorious decision, yet I hear crickets. What have we learned? Feminists, like Rapinoe, are gutless quislings, OR they’ve been in on the commie-driven woke nonsense from the beginning and never really cared about women’s rights.

The most prominent flops are the parents who will happily console their daughter on her sporting loss to a fella. Or the mom who tells her teen daughter to “shush” when the girl dares to complain about having to look at “Lia’s penis” in a locker room.

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Decades of women fighting for their rights disappear every time a woman jumps on the woke bus and virtue-signals her belief that a man is better at being a woman than a woman.


 FACT-O-RAMA! I am a straight, white, bourbon-swilling, cigar-chomping, gun-loving Ultra Maga goon and I’ve been far more vocal in regards to women’s rights than any 50 feminists you know.

Who is fighting for women’s rights? Conservatives, who for too long were considered enemies of women’s rights, are. Yet when we do stand up and say that enough is enough with trans dudes competing against real women, liberal milksops call us bigots. So which is it? Are we misogynists against women or transphobes against chicks with d***s? Pick a side, libs; you can’t have it both ways.


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