The Real Reason the Left Won't Sign Effective Gun Safety Measures

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The answer to stopping gun crimes is simple: federalize all gun offenses. Local police would handle the arrests, and the feds would prosecute the cases (which would remove the Soros-funded, social justice warrior District Attorneys from the game).


If a person is convicted of using a gun for a crime, he or she would get a mandatory sentence of, say, five years.

If someone is caught with an illegally obtained gun, he or she would go to jail too. As prosecutors send gun-toting criminals to the hoosegow, crime would drop. Easy peasy.

But the left won’t allow that because that would mean lads like Camrin Williams would go to jail.

Williams had a handgun in his pocket, and it went off when he was struggling with a police officer, striking the cop. He survived.

Williams broke a bouquet of laws:

  • He is too young to own a handgun.
  • He is not allowed to carry a concealed handgun.
  • He procured the gun illegally.

New York City “mysteriously” dropped all the charges against Williams. What’s the lesson for Williams and other kids in the Bronx? You get it.

The left cries about the “gun violence” ravaging the country while Soros-backed commie DAs turn a blind eye to the people responsible for it, thus allowing the carnage to continue and grow. Some call it “social justice.” Thinking people are calling it lunacy.


But it’s not about social justice. The liberal, jackpudding DAs are just too stupid to see it. They are what Lenin referred to as “useful idiots.”

FACT-O-RAMA! George Soros has spent about $40 million to get 75 insanely “liberal” DAs elected, thus creating today’s tsunami of violent crimes. Meanwhile, the left is using this crime wave as a reason to go after your guns.

With the devotion of Jehovah’s Witness, leftists do everything they can to keep criminals out of jail. What they don’t seem to care about is that most of the ensuing violence is in black neighborhoods, and black people are paying a grueling price for this liberal, nonsensical experiment.


  • Liberals are letting criminals out of jail and keeping more of them on the streets with no bail laws, all in the name of “justice reform.”
  • This creates an obvious crime wave.
  • Democrats use this crime wave as an excuse to take guns from law-abiding people.
  • Black people are disproportionally affected by the explosion in crime.

Spoiler alert: the left is purposely creating a crime wave to go after our guns.

FACT-O-RAMA! An armed society is a polite society with less crime. An unarmed society is a sitting duck for tyrants.


It’s a shame the left refuses to embrace Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of equality for all. If they did, bad guys of every color would go to prison. But we live in a world of assclowns paid for by George Soros, and black people are unwitting victims of Soros’ bought-and-paid-for anarchy. Social justice was never the plan. It was always about taking our guns and, eventually, dropping a steaming pile of Marxism on the USA.

That is why “gun safety” laws will never be passed. It was never about gun safety; it was always about gun confiscation. The left loves nothing more than a good shoot-’em-up because it is just another chance to swipe your weapons of peace.


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