Blinded Me with Violence: How the Left Fosters 'Hate Crime' Then Plays the Victim

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I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but subway shooter Frank James’s decision to shoot up a train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn likely wasn’t random. Check out the racial background of the neighborhood:


35.6% – Hispanic
34.8% – Asian
23.7% – white
3.9% – black

Until recently, you could see shooter Frank James spewing his black supremacy and hatred, but YouTube has now removed his channel. For those who didn’t see the videos, they were brimming with racial loathing for Asian, Hispanic, and white people.

You can see here that many of Frank James’s victims are Asian. For a “crazy” guy, he seems to have known what he was doing.

FACT-O-RAMA! In one if his videos, Frank James actually sobs upon hearing the news that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is married to a white man.

The problem is this: Frank James sees himself — and all black people — as victims. In one of his now-deleted videos, James tells other black folks that white people hate them, and that black people will be exterminated like the Jews were in Europe. This, despite the fact that America is bending over backward to keep black people out of jail. Shoplifting is all but legal now. Lefty cities have decriminalized certain driving laws that black people are more likely to break seem to affect black people more. Let’s not even get started on the surge of Soros-funded DAs who refuse to send black criminals — even violent miscreants — to jail. New York’s commie District Attorney, Alvin Braggs, is now actually allowing people to have their convictions “reviewed.”



The New York Post reported that James, in one of his twisted videos, sympathizes with two-time cop killer Lashawn McNeil, claiming McNeil was compelled to shoot the cops by a “racist society.”

“What can you expect?” James ranted last month, decrying stereotypes that “white motherf–kers” supposedly believe regarding black men. In other words, the cop killer is a victim.

“Nothing else is encouraged, except violence,” he continued. “I’m expected to be violent, I’m expected to be a criminal, and when I’m not there’s something wrong with me,” James blathered.

James sees himself as a victim of racism in a country that, in fact, allowed BLM to burn our biggest cities with near impunity. Wherever calls for “restorative justice” (the idea that black criminals shouldn’t go to jail) fly out of the mouths of lefties, even those who promote it get pummeled.

A gay man in New York City was attacked and beaten so badly that he ended up in a hospital’s traumatic brain injury unit. His friends held a rally to protest the homophobic attack. The man, Bob Lederer, called not for prison for his black, teen attackers, but for “restorative justice.”


So, a gay man had his brain stomped by black teens and doesn’t want them punished because of their skin color. What’s the message being sent? It’s open season on gay dudes. They’re asking for it. It’s like a woman letting a rapist walk because of his skin color, thus freeing him to rape other women. Lederer is now responsible for the next attack on a gay man.

It’s a sickness, but it has value for the left; they need to be victims. What better way to maintain victim status than to allow your attackers to remain free and continue to attack? What’s most important to leftists is that delicious victimhood status — and redirecting the blame to an innocent party.

The Circle of Hate: A gay man is stomped; the left screams “homophobia!”; the gay man calls for leniency for the black kids who attacked him; the attackers skate; anti-gay attacks continue …

Bonus points: for blaming “white supremacy”!


Meanwhile, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir released a song dripping with victimhood about how they plan on converting your kids to “make an ally of you yet.”

Call me a wacky doodle, but I’m fairly certain a gay man can walk the streets of San Francisco more safely than a straight, white guy in a MAGA hat. Also, if the gay crew wants “allies,” perhaps threatening to convert kids is a bad strategy.

How about this? If you want to stop anti-gay attacks, punish the guilty when they scramble your brain with kicks to the head. Don’t go after conservatives’ kids.

Black supremacist Darryl Brooks also sees black people as victims of racism; he’s the guy who was so enraged that he ran over 62 white people in Waukesha, WI. Then there’s Noah Green, who killed a Capitol cop. What did Brooks and Green have in common? A sincere belief that whitey is out to get them. Where did they hear that?

This Dec. 14, 2016 image shows part of the Twitter page of Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam. After a presidential campaign that emboldened white identity politics,

I humbly posit the theory that Louis Farrakhan, Joy Reid, and Don Lemon might play some part in the radicalization process of angry, black men.

Jussie Smollett, who is gay and black, had a very successful career but blew it over his craving to be a victim of racism and homophobia. He was proven guilty of a hate crime hoax beyond a shadow of a doubt but still plays the victim to this day.


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For the left, victimhood is a business, and business isn’t good. When the demand for hate exceeds the supply, just fake it. Bogus hate crimes are exploding.

Victimhood runs deep in the black and gay communities, both of which are willingly under the thumb of the Democrat party.

The truth is, most white conservatives don’t waste our time sitting around, hating black or gay people. We don’t think any more or less of them than we think of other white people. The “hatred” is manufactured, and frankly, narcissistic. How much of an ego does someone have to have to think, “That entire race of people hates me“?

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But the myth of conservative, white hatred will not go away. The last thing Democrats want is their favorite victim groups waking up and realizing most people aren’t out to get them. Once those groups see that truth, they’ll walk away and stop voting “donkey.” To prevent that, the left will perpetuate the narrative of victimhood, even going so far as to allow black teens to stomp gay men into comas, use that beating as “proof” of homophobia, and blame it on conservatives. It’s all in a day’s work in the booming business of victimhood.


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