Pipe Down, Ladies, and Know Your Place: Female Cyclists Warned Not to Complain About Men Competing in Their Sport


British Cycling, the end-all, be-all institution of competitive cycling in England, has thrown down the gauntlet to female cyclists: Shut up and allow men to take your spot on the team or face punishment.


It is now considered “hate” for female athletes to stand up for their rights.

The threat comes just as a trans dude with a history of racing other men and winning has decided he is now a she and wants to try to take opportunities from women cyclists. If he scores high enough, real women will be dropped from the team to make room for him.

British Cycling will not tolerate real women speaking out against their insane rules, and the organization let its female cyclists know they mean business.

British Cycling members are able to report any concern. If British Cycling are notified of an individual who is taking advantage of the inclusive nature of this policy, or an individual who has been subject to any conduct which is in breach of the Code of Conduct due to their Gender Identity, the matter shall be considered under the British Cycling Disciplinary Regulations.

Speaking of the rules, here they are:

  • Welcome all Transgender and Non-Binary Participants, just as you would any other Participant;
  • Treat all Transgender and Non-Binary Participants with dignity and respect, just as you would any other Participant;
  • Respect the private and confidential nature of all Transgender and Non-Binary Participants’ situations and information;
  • Accept all Participants in the gender they present; verification of their identity should be no more than expected of any other person;
  • Report any incidents of inappropriate or offensive behaviour and language to the British Cycling Integrity and Compliance Department;
  • Avoid making assumptions about the Participant, ask their name and take your lead from the information they may, or may not, offer you;
  • Be clear about what language you use, all Participants should be referred to as the gender that they inform you they are;
  • If asked, refer Transgender and Non-Binary Participants to this policy to understand the parameters in which they are able to take part in both Recreational Activity and Racing Competitions.

British Cycling’s entire policy can be read here.

FACT-O-RAMA! Brit press is so “woke” that the UK Sun actually (and hysterically)  wrote about a trans dude trying to get a Brazilian wax for “her scrotum.”

We in the U.S. aren’t much better when it comes to women’s rights in sports. A man calling himself Lia Thomas is dominating the NCAA women’s swimming competitions. Thomas is allowed to roam naked with real women in the locker room. Thomas claims to be a chick but is also sexually attracted to women. Some of the real female swimmers have complained about having to see Thomas’ twig and berries, and, as PJ Media’s Rick Moran wrote,


The school’s response? They’re offering mental health services to the athletes. In other words, if a man walking around your locker room exposing himself upsets you, obviously there’s something wrong with you and you need a mental health check.

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