A New Woke Low! Eating Meat Is EVERY Lib Buzzword EVER!

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Misogyny, white supremacy, and the dreaded patriarchy! The woke trifecta, all over eating meat, and this woman is just getting started.

Author and animal rights activist Carol Adams jumped the great white supremacy shark in a recent speech where she compared eating meat to literally every woke buzzword you’ll read at the Huffington Post.


Seriously, this is hilarious. She somehow hits pro-lifers too. She isn’t joking. Watch the people in the background laugh.

Ms. Adams wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat, which shockingly won’t be found in your bookstore’s comedy section. She means it. I’m guessing she knows nothing of sex, politics, or meat.

Adams gave her wokeapalooza rant at the Oxford Union. Some of the worst/best of Adam’s codswallop are:

  • “Meat-eaters order leg of lamb, not a baby lamb’s leg [and] your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.”
  •  “The assumption that the best protein comes from corpses is a racist belief.”
  • “White supremacists weaponized eating meat, eggs, and dairy, images of milk drinking white men, of platters groaning with meat and the baiting of liberal men as so-called soy-boys are all part of the neo-Nazi messaging.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Hitler is reputed to have been a vegetarian.

Awww yeah! I KNEW she’d fit “Nazi” in there somewhere. And she did it in defense of soy-boys!

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Adams somehow brought 9/11 and the election of Obama into the fracas as well.

“That’s why after 9/11, a focus on men as heroes and on meat-eating became part of reclamation of a wounded masculinity,” Adams fearlessly declared in tin-foil hat alacrity. “When a black man was elected as U.S. President, we saw how white this wounded masculinity was.”

When I think of “wounded, white masculinity,” I think of UPenn swimming “sensation” Lia Thomas.

NCAA Transgender Athletes
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As you can expect, the likely lonely Ms. Adams has been getting “butchered” (heh-heh-heh) on the internet.


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