Biden Can't Stop 'Gun Violence' Until He Stops Calling it 'Gun Violence' and Calls it What it Is

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It’s amazing how far the left will go to deny what everyone seems to know: it’s not the gun, you idiots.

“It’s enough. Enough is enough,” Biden declared to a group of New York City cops and politicians at NYC’s police headquarters. “We can do something about this.”


Biden’s plan to “do something” appears to be the usual spew: anti-gun lip service; blame the guns, not the criminals; attack the “gun lobby;” and spread fear of the new boogeyman of the left, “ghost guns.”

New York City’s mayor, Eric “the Biden of Brooklyn” Adams, earned his new, self-given moniker with his own dose of gun foolery.

“We’re going to break and destroy the Iron Pipeline that allows southern states in this country to produce weapons that end up on the streets and take the lives of our police officers Mora and Rivera,” Adams quipped.

Pro-tip: calling yourself the “Biden of Brooklyn” is like declaring yourself the cuck of the orgy.

Let’s break down Adams’ statement. He is clearly blaming southern states for the shootings of the two New York City police officers. (The gun used was stolen from Baltimore in 2017). Like a good lickspittle Democrat, Adams can’t hold his violent constituents responsible for their own actions. Nor does he mention the laughable Democrat laws that keep vermin like McNeil out of jail.


FACT-O-RAMA! McNeil has had (he was killed by a third policeman) a lengthy criminal record. He also bought his (stolen) gun illegally. He had a 50-round drum magazine, which is illegal throughout New York State. He was arrested in 1998 for illegal possession of a gun but the charge was dismissed. He was arrested for assaulting a policeman in Pennsylvania in 2002.

Wait, you mean the guy with a history of illegal guns and violence toward cops killed two policemen? Who could have seen that coming? DAMN YOU, SOUTHERN STATES.

New York has some of the toughest gun/magazine laws in the country, but they didn’t stop McNeil from getting a firearm.

The gun used to murder NYPD Officers Mora and Rivera didn’t fire itself. Lashawn J. McNeil pulled the trigger and murdered those policemen. Neither Biden nor Adams mentioned the thug responsible for the killings. They blamed southern states and guns.

The lefty news media bootlickers aren’t helping. Check out this quote from an article from the Herald Bulletin out of Anderson, Indiana.

Biden is navigating complex politics: He’s working to find ways to combat crime while also pushing for greater accountability after high-profile killings of Black people by police.

How about high-profile killings of police officers? There are WAY more of those. The Democrats blame guns, southern states, the NRA, and everyone except for the people spreading lead in our major cities.


The same article suggests Trump was responsible for the 2020 surge in crime.

Guns are at the center of the debate as the nation grapples with homicides that spiked nationally in 2020, the final year of the Trump administration.

The article magically forgets to mention 2020 was the year commie politicians let criminals out of jail, did away with bail, and let BLM and Antifa burn our cities with impunity. Somehow, it’s Trump’s fault.

Personally, I think the violence is all part of the commie plan.

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What CAN the Democrats do to stop the festival of lead we see in Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, and elsewhere?

Hold EVERYONE involved responsible.

  1. Stop calling it “gun violence.” The gun isn’t the problem. Calling it “gun violence” only separates the thug from the crime he or she is committing. If I kill someone with a tool from my shed, is it called “hammer violence?” Call it what it is: murder and attempted murder.
  2. Stop blaming southern states. Blame the people who stole the gun, sold it illegally, bought it illegally, and fired it. Yes, Democrats, If you want to stop the mayhem you’re going to have to put people in prison. Stop telling yourselves and others that putting a minority in prison is a sign of “systemic racism.” Hold all criminals accountable.
  3. Stop with the “scary monster” nonsense. “Ghost guns” — weapons without serial numbers that are assembled at home — aren’t the problem.

FACT-O-RAMA! Of the 6,292 guns recovered in NYC last year through Dec. 3, only 225 were “ghost guns.”

Democrats can’t bring themselves to blame minorities for the violence they perpetrate, even as other minorities, including children, pay the price. Instead, the Democrats are blaming southern states, the NRA, “assault weapons,” “ghost guns,” and Trump — everything except for the criminals who deal in illegal gun sales and fire those guns at cops, children, and anyone else they want.

How’s that working out?



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