Is the Media Culpable in Cases Like Waukesha?

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Fake news isn’t new. It was probably invented two minutes after the printing press. The problem is, it won’t go away.

In 1835, a newspaper called the New York Sun ran a series of six articles claiming the moon was inhabited by unicorns and “batmen.” The stories caught on and were reprinted worldwide. The author of the bogus stories used the name of a famous astronomer and a bogus but fancy-sounding telescope to back up the lies.  A telescope so powerful it allowed the astronomer to see topless bat-babes flying around a moon also inhabited by “highly intelligent beavers.”


The mysterious telescope conveniently “caught fire” when aimed at the sun and couldn’t see the moon anymore. The story went away.

Now, 185 years later, not much has changed in regard to fake news. The main difference is that fake news spreads faster now.  As Mark Twain supposedly said in the early part of the 20th century, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” And that was almost 100 years before Twitter.

Lefty news outlets reported that Nick Sandmann, a 16-year-old white kid in a MAGA hat, stuck his snooty, arrogant, pro-life chops in the grill of a friendly Native American man in Washington, D.C. The nation woke up to the picture below.

Within mere minutes, people were threatening to burn Sandmann’s home while he and his family slept. Bomb threats closed his school for days. Leftists wanted him dead. Then we saw the video. Sandmann did nothing but smile in the face of a professional agitator, while Black Hebrew Israelites, grown men, screamed obscenities at him and his friends. Sandmann sued several news outlets and is still suing others. He is expected to be a billionaire.

The money is great. Sandmann and his friends deserve it after what the liberal media put them through. But other than being sued, the news outlets weren’t punished, which means they will do it again. And they did.


Despite what you’ve heard, Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a racist or white supremacist. He isn’t eager to gun people down. Yet that is what a portion of the country believes, thanks largely to the seething bigotry of media skanks like Joy Reid and Don Lemon.

Watch Joy Reid in the video below actually compare Rittenhouse’s actions to that of a slave-catcher.


FACT-O-RAMA! Joy Reid likes to whine about racism on air. Yet she went to Harvard and brings down mad stacks, yo. If “systemic racism” is real, how did a black woman become a 1%er?

Reid and her ilk decided Rittenhouse must be a racist because he shot three miscreants at a BLM riot. They were NOT peaceful protestors. Never mind that they were attacking him, giving Rittenhouse no other option than to fire his mostly peaceful AR-15 at them. Never mind that one was a serial child rapist. For race-baiters like Reid, racism equals dollar signs. She’ll happily spread a lie to keep the cheddar rolling in, even if that means Rittenhouse and Judge Schroeder, who presided over Rittenhouse’s trial, get inundated with death threats. Then again, the truth has never been that important to Joy Reid. It’s the narrative that counts.


The black supremacist/terrorist who injured 62 people while running into a Christmas parade in Waukesha hates white people and sides with Hitler when it comes to Jewish people. He had opinions about Rittenhouse, too. Where did he get those opinions? He espoused hurting white people and proceeded to do so almost immediately after the Rittenhouse verdict. Where was he getting his information about Rittenhouse? Leftist news morons told their minions that Rittenhouse is a racist, even comparing him to a slave-catcher. Are we surprised six white people, including a child, were killed and almost 60 more wounded at the hands of an angry black man? Angry about what? We are all responsible for our actions, and someone poisoned his mind. Should they be held to account?

We don’t even know if Brooks was motivated by the Rittenhouse verdict. Though it’s certainly not a stretch, his motive is still unknown.

(I had to write that last line as I am not permitted to speculate, nor would I want to, about Brooks’s motivations. PJ Media holds itself to a higher standard than MSNBC)

Freedom of the press is a slippery slope. You and I can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theater but Joy Reid can yell “slave-catcher” to a nation of black people, and make them angry, and do so with impunity.

If I lied in an article and someone read it and proceeded to kill people, I would feel a great deal of responsibility. Something tells me Joy Reid doesn’t care that 62 white people were injured by an angry black man whose social media is full of hate. Never mind it’s the same flavor of hatred Reid peddles on a nightly basis.


Freedom of the press is integral, but only if we deal with facts. Otherwise, as we’ve seen in Waukesha, people will die.

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