Ex-Con Attacks an NYPD Cop Again, Walks With No Bail

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

What does it take to go to jail in de Blasio’s New York City? Attacking a cop—for the second time—won’t do it.

Isus Thompson, 38, assaulted NYPD Officer Kyo Sun Lee, 30, around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, swinging a backpack and striking him in the head. The backpack contained a small metal safe, a DVD player, and some adult DVDs. Thompson also had a box-cutter with him. Here’s the kicker: Thompson had already pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a policeman after stabbing a cop in 2008. His knife hit the officer’s bullet-proof vest and the officer was not seriously injured. Thompson did only two years of a five-year sentence for that attack.


NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea wasn’t happy about the recent attack.

Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch isn’t happy, either.

“Our legislators, prosecutors, and judges all need to stop pointing fingers and passing the buck because they’re putting both cops and our communities at risk,” Lynch stated.

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Thompson was hit with three assault-related charges on Monday, one of which is a felony. He was also charged with resisting arrest, weapon possession, and harassment.

The felony charge gives the judge the right to impose bail. But the judge didn’t set bail and the prosecutor didn’t ask for any. Thompson walked out of court a free man. So much for “systemic racism” in the judicial system.


The first cop Thompson attacked, Officer Demitrios Raptis, isn’t happy either.

“It’s insane. I could have died that night,” the now 42-year-old Officer Raptis told the NY Post, regarding the stabbing. “I mean, six times to the abdomen.”

Thompson isn’t the only would-be cop killer to walk lately.

A “woke” Seattle-area judge set low bail for thugs who ambushed a police officer. One of the men fired 15 rounds at the police officer. Fortunately, a REAL judge got it right and re-set their bail at $500,000.


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