See Ya, Pinkos: NYPD Cops Leaving the Red Apple for Nearby Long Island


New York City police officers looking to dodge the commie jab and still enforce the law now have an opportunity to do so without moving out of New York state.

“The NYPD cops who don’t want to get vaccinated, they’re going to run to Suffolk County,’’ a police officer, choosing to remain anonymous, told the New York Post.


Suffolk County, NY, which is the eastern part of nearby Long Island, is hiring 705 police officers, the largest one-time boost of cops in the county’s history.

Many cops see a transfer to Long Island as a win-win-win: less work, more appreciation, and no vax mandates.

Here is the kicker: Suffolk County is specifically poaching New York Police Department (NYPD) cops who don’t like having a Marxist mayor forcing them to get the jab for the “China sneeze” virus.

Suffolk County, unlike NYC, is not run by Marxists. They aren’t forcing their first-responders to get a shot to help them against a virus that is 98.4% survivable.

NYPD officers are not fans of their mayor, Komrade de Blasio. Many cops are tired of far-lefties who defunded the NYPD by $1 billion. De Blasio’s likely replacement, Eric Adams, a former policeman, seems to be less commie than the current mayor, but Adams agrees with his vaccine mandates.

Suffolk County is roughly a 45-minute drive from Queens, a borough in NYC. Though much of the county is considered safe, there are communities that won’t be a cakewalk for law enforcement.


FACT-O-RAMA! The Central American gang MS-13 made Long Island one of its hotspots until President Trump went to war with the thugs. Many entered the country illegally, and others walked in under Obama’s DACA program.

Starting pay for the NYPD and Suffolk cops is roughly $42,000. However, NYPD police salaries max out at $86,000 per year, whereas Suffolk County cops can hit almost $155,600 after 11 and a half years.

There’s another bonus for cops making the move from NYC to Long Island. Crime has certainly surged in NYC in the past year, thanks to police defunding, bail reform, and prisoner release. Total crime in Suffolk has dropped 6.8% from last year.

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