New York Has Fallen to the Communists

(Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive via AP)

Mayor Bill De Blasio’s vax passport plan is working so well that he’s going for more mandates (that’s sarcasm).

Business at New York City restaurants is down 40%-60%, thanks to the passport plan. We’ve seen videos of arguments and fights at restaurants over the requirement of vax passports, as well as BLM protesting against a restaurant that asked three black women for their proof of a jab.


Citizens are fighting back, but it’s a little late. The damage is done and the commies are pushing ahead.

Let’s take a look at the COVID-related battle damage:

  • De Blasio has gutted New York City’s economy again with his vaccine passport rule, which some black folks are taking personally. The rule forbids the unvaxxed from entering bars, restaurants, gyms, and live performance venues.
  • NY Gov. Hochul issued a vaccine mandate that left 72,000 healthcare heroes unemployed and unable to apply for unemployment benefits. She recently did the same to New York state teachers and school employees.
  • Cuomo killed roughly 15,000 elderly people because he refused help from Trump and has yet to be punished. In fact, he wrote a book bragging about his “leadership skills” during COVID. He MIGHT have to give up the $5.1 million he made from the book.
  • Murders are up 30% nationwide, the highest climb in history, after commie leaders let criminals out of jail in record numbers last year.

The lefty media is dutifully shilling for the pinkos. Check out this quote from MSN “news.”

De Blasio has repeatedly hinted the city would be “climbing the ladder” of ever-more-strict mandates to get vaccination levels to the point wide swaths of New Yorkers are almost completely protected against COVID-19.


“Almost completely protected”? Apparently, the lefty news hasn’t heard that vaccinations don’t keep people from getting or transmitting COVID. “Breakthrough” infections aren’t breakthrough anymore; they are common in places around the world and can be dangerous.

It’s easy to see how MSN doesn’t know about this COVID data (kidding, they absolutely know). Our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) isn’t really the place to go for COVID data, as Tucker Carlson reported:

So the CDC is shilling for the Democrats too. Not surprising.

FACT-O-RAMA! Moderna’s stock was $73 per share one year ago. Today it’s at $315.47.

Commies Fail Up

As if de Blasio hasn’t already done enough damage to one of the world’s greatest cities, he is considering running for governor. Why sack just the city when you can take the whole state?


Andrew “Fingers” Cuomo isn’t out of the race either. He has $18 million in his war chest, and, shockingly, some people want to see him return. The info in the tweet below was released after NY Attorney General Letitia James informed the world what most New Yorkers already knew: Cuomo is a groper.

Los Angeles is on the mandate bandwagon now too. Despite overwhelming evidence from Texas, Florida, and Sweden showing that mandates are pointless, L.A. has just approved the most draconian mandate yet. Not only will Los Angeles require a passport for gyms, bars, restaurants, and live performance venues, people will also need one to enter a mall, spa, play area, museum, card room (not sure what that is), or salon.

If I were a gambling man, I’d expect the usual suspects to fall to the communists: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. In Chicago, State’s Prosecutor Kim Foxx recently decided not to prosecute a bunch of gang-bangers for a massive gunfight because….you know why. Foxx decided there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute the shooters, despite some of it being caught on video.


All this in Biden’s first nine months. Buckle up and buy ammo.*

*For any member of law enforcement, this is not a threat of violence, it’s just some personal defense advice from a man who sees commies taking over our country. Oh, and please consider leaving those cranky soccer moms alone at the school board meetings. Unless they start burning cities, in which case we are sure you’ll act accordingly to stop the madness as you did last year in Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, etc.



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