Expert Testifies That Shootings by Kyle Rittenhouse Were Justified

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, Pool

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three rioters in Kenosha, Wisc., last year. Today, an expert testified in a pre-trial hearing, echoing what most of us have long suspected: All three shootings were justified.


Rittenhouse, armed with one of those scary, semi-automatic rifles, shot three men who were attacking him, as rioters and arsonists sacked Kenosha over the police shooting of sexual assault suspect Jacob Blake. Blake, who is black, resisted arrest and was retrieving a knife from his car when Kenosha police shot him seven times. Blake survived but is now in a wheelchair.

FACT-O-RAMA! Kamala Harris told Jacob Blake she was proud of him. She didn’t explain whether she was proud of him for sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend or for resisting arrest.

In the aftermath of the shootings, lefty news outlets, hiding the fact that Blake was a sexual assault suspect, tried to portray Rittenhouse as a bloodthirsty vigilante. He spent some time in a Kenosha jail for the shootings after he turned himself in to his hometown police in Antioch, Illinois.

Self-defense expert John Black testified, after watching videotapes of Rittenhouse being chased by an armed mob, that Rittenhouse, then 17 years old, was justified in all three shootings. “A citizen in that position, given those indicators, would it be reasonable for them to believe they were about to be assaulted? I would argue yes,” Black said.


The Kenosha riots were immortalized by CNN’s now-infamous “Fiery but mostly peaceful” coverage, where protestors rioters were also seen pelting police with projectiles.

Rittenhouse has taken heat, not just for shooting rioters who were swarming him, one of whom struck him with a skateboard, but because he is from out of state. Some believe he had no reason for being in Kenosha, though he insists he was there to help defend a friend’s place of business.

Also, there is some debate as to whether or not Rittenhouse, 17 at the time of the shootings, was allowed to have a semi-automatic rifle. His lawyers argue that, due to hunting laws, he was allowed to legally possess one.

Rittenhouse’s trial starts next month.





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