Liberals Are Kidding Themselves if They Think Jan. 6 Was Worse Than the George Floyd Riots

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A new report by RealClearInvestigations is proving what thinking people have known all along: Leftists have insane double standards when it comes to comparing  January 6 to the hundreds of riots that took place after saintly George Floyd, who was high on fentanyl and sick with COVID, died while resisting arrest.


Some libs can’t be blamed for denying the ferocity of the George Floyd riots. After all, media jackpuddings claimed the protests were “mostly peaceful,” including one night soil who suggested the riots were similar to “the Boston Tea Party, which is how the country was started.” Not to mention Jerry Nadler calling Antifa a “myth” and Gropey Joe Biden calling the group an “idea.”

“Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

Chris Cuomo of CNN

Psst, it’s in the First Amendment to the Constitution, Chris. PS, How’s your brother doing these days?

But most libs likely knew what was happening and privately, if not publicly, cheered for the destructive pandemonium. Clearly, some liberal news clowns ran interference for the violent mobs. Some leftists donated in order to have the thugs bailed out of jail. Kamala Harris pimped out the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which famously, and unapologetically, went on to bail out murderers and rapists. Leftists politicians allowed the carnage, and prosecutors quickly returned the captured pawns to the battlefield.


RealClearInvestigations is keeping a running tally regarding the violence of January 6, the George Floyd riots, and the 2017 riots over President Trump being inaugurated. Categories include the number and types of weapons recovered, damages incurred, and deaths. The findings won’t surprise you.

  • January 6 was one day, lasting roughly five hours. George Floyd protests went on for weeks, and included at least 574 violent protests
  • January 6 incurred $1.5 million in damages, BLM/Antifa incurred between $1-2 billion.
  • Leftists consider January 6 “domestic terrorism,” whereas the George Floyd violence is considered a “riot”

The report  isn’t shocking, but it’s maddening. The George Floyd riots dwarf January 6 in every way. January 6 protestors, many without prior convictions, languish in solitary confinement to this day, while violent BLM and Antifa thugs have walked free–and that’s just one of the categories that will make you angry.

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