BLM Career Thug Who Nearly Kicked a Man to Death Gets Early Release

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Black Live Matter thug Marquise Love received a 20-month sentence for nearly kicking a man to death. If that seems lenient, check this out: He is free after serving only 12 months.


Love, 26, was seen on video kicking victim Adam Haner in the head as he was on the ground, after Love and others had already pummeled the man. The savage beating took place August 16, 2020, at a “mostly peaceful” BLM “protest.”

Haner claims he attempted to help a transgendered woman who was beaten and robbed by BLM rioters.  Those protesters then attacked Haner and his girlfriend, while calling Haner a “racist.”

Graphic video shows Haner being assaulted by a BLM mob, even while on the ground.

Haner was knocked unconscious by Love and left in the street.

Love eventually turned himself in the next day following a manhunt for him. Love pleaded guilty to assault in the 3rd degree and felony riot. He was sentenced to 20 months behind bars.

FACT-O-RAMA! As Marquise Love and others enjoy early releases, if they are charged at all, non-violent political prisonsers from January 6 remain locked up in solitary confinement.


Love is no stranger to the judicial system. He has been arrested no fewer than seven times in the last eight years, on charges ranging from domestic abuse to theft. He was not convicted on most charges, nor has he paid any fines he has been given.

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Haner’s brother started a GoFundMe for his brother Adam Haner, which has thus far brought in almost $150,000.

Love posted a fundraiser of his own, begging people to visit him in jail and send money to his prision account after he was arrested for “fighting a racist.”

“Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him look it up on twitter put money on my books and come see me.”

Love is one of the few BLM/Antifa thugs to see the inside of a jail. Almost half of those arrested on federal charges have skated.



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