Hey, Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone: Stop the Mandates, Stop the Wokeness

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Having exhausted every other means of trying to instill fear in the nation, the left is now going after kids—and in more ways than you think.

A Cook County judge in Chicago today reversed his own perverse decision that banned an unvaccinated mother from seeing her son.

On August 11, Judge James Shapiro, an elected Democrat, ruled that Rebecca Firlit could not see her son due to her lack of vaccination. Firlit claimed she’d had vaccinations in the past and they didn’t go well for her and decided to not get the COVID-19 vaccination. That didn’t fly with the lefty judge. Shapiro ruled the mother couldn’t have visitations with her son until she rolled up her sleeve and bent her knee.

Firlit filed an appeal and her story went viral. Judge Shapiro wisely reversed his cruel ruling before the appeal hit the docket, but let’s never forget: A woman actually lost her child for almost three weeks because she decided, based on her medical history, that the vaccination wasn’t for her.

I hate being told to “follow the science” by people who believe there are 66 genders and that men can give birth. Maybe they should take their own advice.

How Fauci still has a job is mind-boggling. He ignores “the science” like a check-engine light.

Fauci conveniently relies on CDC information when it works for him and ignores the data that doesn’t. He is now pushing mandatory vaccinations for schoolchildren. The CDC stats tell us that isn’t necessary.

As of August 25, 313 kids in the United States, aged 5-18, have died of COVID. Nationwide, we’ve lost a total of 623,984 people of all ages. That means children aged 5-18 make up 0.0501615% of our China flu deaths, yet the left, led by Fauci, wants our kids masked and vaccinated in order to be allowed to walk into their schools—some of which are full of leftists ideologies. As if teaching CRT, and telling kids not to tell their parents, as reported by PJ Media’s Bryan Preston, isn’t repulsive enough, a teacher in California (of course) removed the American flag from her classroom and suggested that her students pledge allegiance to a gay pride banner. The left wants our kids masked and vaccinated for the privilege of indoctrination.  Remember when praying in the classroom was offensive to the left? Welcome to Schoolhouse Wokeness on meth.

A study from last year reports that most kids who contract COVID have only mild symptoms and recover within two weeks. Another study from the UK reports that “most children admitted to intensive care with a serious inflammatory complication after getting Covid-19 didn’t have serious lingering issues a year later.”

The science is in: COVID poses little threat to children.

FACT-O-RAMA! A new preprint Israeli study found that recovered immunity works better than vaccines. The researchers found that vaccinated people “were 27 times more likely to get a symptomatic COVID infection than those with natural immunity from COVID.”

A German newspaper came clean and apologized to their nation’s children for bombarding them with COVID fear-porn. American leftist media should take the hint.



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