Australia Building Quarantine Camps as Military Goes Door-to-Door to Enforce Lockdown Orders

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Welcome to Australia! Now Get in the Camp

Travelers visiting or returning to Australia will have to quarantine for 14 days at their own expense. Quarantine camps are going up around Australia and to little surprise. Australia has seen massive riots, protesting draconian lockdown measures. The Australian military has been brought in and is going door-to-door to make sure people are obeying lockdown orders.

If you know someone who has plans to protest, the police believe you are obligated to talk them out of it, or rat them out. This sounds like something the SS, KGB, and FBI would do.

Hullo Mudda Hello Fadda

Australia has begun construction on their second COVID-19 quarantine camp, deceptively called “Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience.” It’s down the road from Melbourne Airport, known locally as Tullamarine Airport, which serves the city of Melbourne, and is Australia’s second-busiest airport.

Fear-O-Rama! New Zealand recently locked down after one suspected case of COVID.

The 1,000-bed quarantine facility will be finished by the end of the year but will be operational as soon as it can accommodate 500 beds. It will have the ability to add room for an additional 3,000 beds if needed.

The holding pen is being modeled on the Howard Springs Centre for National Resilience. Australian authorities have found that quarantine camps are more successful than hotels, many of which were found to have substandard ventilation. Australian authorities claim high viral loads have caused “COVID leakage,” which resulted in the government declaring a stage-four lockdown of 6 million people in the Australian state of Victoria. Only three of 19 hotels considered as possible quarantine quarters were equipped with the necessary ventilation.

Is it cheaper, faster, and easier to build numerous camps, rather than modify hotels’ ventilation systems?

The Unarmed People Have Spoken

Local residents called for and were granted a community briefing session, which was held last week. Discussion topics included how such a facility will affect real-estate prices and the fear of COVID escaping into the community. The camp is roughly half a mile from the closest neighborhood.

The locals were assured the camp would follow the highest infection-control standards, set by the Howard Springs facility, and that the staff will be fully vaccinated. The workers will also be unable to work second jobs.

When asked why locals weren’t informed there was a camp being built in their community, the Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews (the Aussie equivalent of a state governor) responded by saying, “We want the community to know what’s going on there, we want the community to be part of that program and that process, but we’ve got to get this built.

“There’s much greater risk to people across Victoria, Mickleham included, by having thousands of people in hotels that are not built to quarantine them,” he added. “That’s the site that’s been chosen and everyone, including locals, will be better off because of that.”

In other words, he dodged the question.

What I would have asked: “Will non-traveling residents ever be forced into the quarantine facility?”

Brutal lockdowns continue, despite the protests. Has anyone told the Aussies that lockdowns are not merely ineffective but are dangerous?


As mentioned, the army is now going door-to-door to make sure Australians are bending their knees. They did the same thing last year. The big difference is that now there are camps.



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