CDC Finally Admits Vax Can't 'Prevent Transmission' of Delta Variant

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting

Just when I thought we couldn’t trust the Center for Disease Control (CDC) any more, their master-blaster, Rochelle Walensky, finally spilled the beans about the COVID-19 vaccination: raising your sleeve and bending a knee won’t keep you from spreading that funky China flu.

This comes as a well-placed kick to the crotch for the hubristic lefties who look down from Mt. Supercilious onto the ghoulish non-vaxxers and say, “You don’t care about kids and grannies!”

Yes, those are the same sanctimonious jackpuddings who have the stones to allow countrywide riots, allow COVID-positive people to stream across the border, allow the “sophisticated” maskless to party like it’s 1999 again, and yet look down on you for not wanting to take vax advice from Biden’s crooked CDC.

Well, now we know, vax or not, you can be a COVID running back. The vaccine can’t stop the vaccinated from spreading the Delta variant.

Join The Delta Ambassador Club

THE CDC’s director, Rochelle Walensky, broke the news to a nearly comatose Wolf Blitzer. She said that while the vaccines are working “exceptionally well” against the Delta variant, preventing severe illness and death, “what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

Now that the CDC has admitted that non-vaxxers are not the lot lizards of COVID transference, we need to talk about Mayor Bill de Blasio.

As you know, NYC’s mayor, Komrade de Blasio, has mandated that people will need a vax passport to enter a gym, restaurant, or live show in New York City. Now that we know the vax doesn’t keep you from spreading COVID like a Wham-O Water Wiggle, what’s next? If de Blasio continues with his mandate, we KNOW he is the commie pinko fraud we have suspected known he was from the start. I’ll bet my *Ghost Gun de Blasio doesn’t back down from the mandate, despite the science. I’ll double down and predict that blue cities follow his Trotskyite ways and implement similar commie vax passport mandates, despite Walensky’s admission.

PS: That’s two retro toy references in one paragraph. BAM.

Think Globally

People are protesting vaccine and mask mandates worldwide. Now that the CDC and Public Health England (PHE, England’s version of the CDC) know that the vaccination won’t prevent transmission, and the rest of the world knows, will governments worldwide wake up and smell the K-cups? Imma guess no. They have brought their people too far to admit they screwed up.

I don’t want to sound like a “new world order” loon, but those new world order loons are singing a song I’m no longer completely ignoring.

Fun Time

Enough of this commie talk. Let’s have some fun. I’ve always wanted to write puzzles for Wheel of Fortune. Here is one now. Please solve it in the comments. I bought a vowel for you.

“N-ncy P-l-si  is – V-mpir-“


*Dear FBI. I seriously had a toy Ghost Gun from the ’70s. I do not own the ghost gun that you are currently interested in. I’m just a comedian with opinions and I really do still like toys from the ’70s.




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