Daily Dose of Downey: Welcome to the Communist States of America

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Better Dead Than Red

Forgive me if I seem  cranky, but I’m doing the Military Diet.

Let’s take a look at what is happening in OUR country.

The Feds
  • Tucker Carlson reported that the FBI helped plan and execute the January 6 Capitol melee.
  • The FBI, which let Antifa and BLM burn our cities, is bending over backward to arrest Trump followers, including the elderly, who may, or may not, have caused trouble at the Capitol on January 6.
  • Trump supporters convicted for entering the Capitol are being forced to declare their loyalty to Gropey Joe Biden.
  • Tucker Carlson is now being spied on by the feds.
Election Integrity
  • The election fraud evidence in Arizona is damning, so much so that Democrats are openly trying to stop an audit in Pennsylvania. YouYube won’t even show the audit hearing.
  • Pennsylvania Democrats are resisting an audit, even though lefty news sites call election fraud a joke. What do they have to hide?

  • We are moving toward another COVID lockdown, even though the Biden administration is allowing untested illegal immigrants to pour over the border.
  • We are moving toward another COVID lockdown, even though Democrats, including Michigan Governor Whitmer, California Gov. Newsom, and 50 lefty Texans, have repeatedly broken their own COVID rules.
Media Matters
  • Conservatives are kicked off of social media for a number of nonsensical reasons, but Antifa can organize a riot on Twitter.
  • The lefty media is blatantly hiding the crimes, corruption, and laptop of Hunter, as well as Joe Biden dealing$ in Ukraine, Russia and China.

We can do this for days. The hypocrisy is enough to bring up the half a grapefruit, slice of peanut butter toast, and single cup of coffee (no cream) the Military diet allowed me to eat for breakfast.

*Nut Up or Shut Up

With a few admirable examples, most Republicans seem to be sitting down. I know that we conservatives are held to, and live by, higher standards, but we have to bring more than manners to the battle for the future of the United States. We know we are right; we know they lie. They aren’t going to stop. They think they are right, and they believe we are racist, white-supremacist hillbillies. They believe releasing felons back into the streets makes them “anti-racist,” even though most of those criminals will prey on people of color. If you believe criminals of all races belong in jail, you need to be sent to a re-education camp–and if the leftists prevail, you will be.

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Oh look, it’s time for one coffee (no cream), a slice of dry toast, and a half cup of tuna.



*Note to the FBI: This is not a threat. I’m just an opinionated comedian and writer, upset with the direction of OUR nation and currently starving on the Military diet.


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