BREAKING: SUV Driving on a Sidewalk Mows Down Dozens in Spain

(Disclose TV Twitter screenshot)

Car Calamity

A car in Marbella, Spain, jumped a sidewalk and “zigzagged” left and right, knocking people and tables in every direction on Monday.

The vehicle drove nearly the whole block, which was crammed with outdoor cafes. The crash took place in the mid-afternoon as the area was overflowing with customers having lunch, said Raul Morote, whose family owns several restaurants on the popular avenue.


“The car was zigzagging and sweeping away everything,” Morote, told the Associated Press.

Some people were seriously injured. The videos show several people covered in blood. No word yet on fatalities.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop under a canopy. Police arrested the driver but no name has been released yet. There is also no known reason or motive, though terrorism apparently has been ruled out, as per one media outlet.

Other videos showed first responders and waiters tending to the wounded and cleaning up the debris.


The driver has tested negative for drugs and alcohol and is rumored to be suffering from mental health issues.


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