Indoctrination Begins Early: NYC Private Schools Only Hiring Lefties

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Go For Woke

Need a job? Some of New York Cities costly private schools are hiring, but the socially sleeping need not apply.

Here are four private schools looking to hire communists educators to teach the children of the wealthy how to think.

Readin’ Ritin’ and Racially Aware

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School seems to have the same mission statement as BLM, which includes,

What is essential about working at our school?

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School has a long history of equity and inclusion deeply rooted in our mission and the educational philosophy of our founder, Felix Adler. We embrace diversity of ancestry, family, identity, culture, and beliefs and seek a student body and faculty that reflect the pluralism and socio-economic diversity of metropolitan New York.

We expect members of our community to engage in open dialogue about living and learning in a diverse environment inside and outside the classroom. We see this work, with its creative tensions, as a catalyst for individual and collective growth. On a daily basis, we are committed to making this vision of a democratic, pluralistic, and progressive school a reality.

Ethical Culture Fieldston School is on the lookout for a ballet instructor who is “committed to challenging Western dance forms and the hierarchical and pedagogical practices that often center whiteness in dance classrooms and on stages” according to the job description posted to the school’s website.

The spendy school is also looking to add someone to its Human Resources Dept.


The successful Assistant Director of Human Resources will act as an employee champion and change agent.

Fieldston is hiring a biology teacher who should have “an understanding of and commitment to cultural competency, and how to support a diverse student population, especially through teaching more inclusive science curricula.”

“More inclusive science curricula” sounds like a nice way to say “indoctrination.” The New York Post asked the school what they meant by that and the the school didn’t respond.

Good news! If you want your kid to learn ballet without a hint of evil whiteness, and study a secretive “more inclusive biology” at Fieldston, it will only cost you $55,510 a year.

Propaganda Ain’t Cheap, Komrade

Riverdale Country School, which charges $58,350 a year to brainwash tomorrow’s leaders, is looking for a secretary, whose duties will include proofreading report cards “for proper use of pronouns.”

Riverdale’s job listing for an associate teacher states they are scouting for applicants who are “committed to work in the areas of equity, justice, and inclusion.” Equity and justice? I read that as “reparations” and “revenge” for whatever “social sin” that leftists dream up.


Grace Church School needs Math and Science Center consultants. Applicants must possess a “commitment to antiracism and accessibility of student education for diverse learners.” Inculcation at Grace Church School costs $57,330 a year.

The $58,505-a-year Trinity School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side made similar demands of applicants for its elementary teachers.

“Candidates need … to create an equitable classroom culture inclusive of varied student experiences as well as an awareness of how race, gender, and other aspects of identity manifest themselves in the early childhood classroom,” a job description reads. The school says it is “expressly committed to becoming an anti-racist institution.”

And this gem, “An Equal Opportunity Employer, Trinity School seeks candidates who will add to the diversity of its school community. More than this, Trinity is expressly committed to becoming an anti-racist institution and is calling on all members of its community to join in this important work.” Becoming anti-racist? Does that mean the current staff is in the Klan? Or are they just weeding out the white people?

A Trinity School *spokesman Kevin Ramsey defended the school’s “standards.”

“We have a diverse student body and on a daily basis we want to make sure that all students in every classroom feel safe and loved,” spokesman Kevin Ramsey told The New York Post.


These private schools are “educating” kids who will some day take over every aspect of our country: political, business etc. Remember goal #17 of the 1958 book by Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist:

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks

*Yes I assumed gender and said “spokesman.” The nuns at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic school in Detroit, who clearly couldn’t work at any of these schools, didn’t teach us to grow up and be genderless Ken dolls. Also, if you went to a Catholic school you probably didn’t feel “safe or loved.” More importantly, you probably didn’t grow up to be a pinko.


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