Daily Dose of Downey: Today's FBI Is Not Your Father's FBI

FBI agents in West Hollywood, Calif., on Sunday, June 12, 2016.(AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

In less than two months we will honor the 20-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks on our country. Twenty years since terrorists killed roughly 3,000 Americans and injured another 6,000. Twenty years since the FBI was too busy to look into information about a handful of Muslims who wanted to learn how to fly planes but not land them. If only Mohamed Atta had been caught with a plane made of Legos.

Not Your Father’s FBI

Today’s FBI is different from 20 years ago. Now they have a lot of time on their hands. Time to arrest every 69-year-old grandma who wandered into the Capitol on January 6 (even if there is a photo of a Capitol cop lettering her in) and every grandpa who carried a flag in Washington on January 6 (even if he didn’t stroll through the Capitol, as our own Victoria Taft reported). Who cares if the man’s life was shredded? These days, the FBI has time to spare.

Dropping Balls

Senate subcommittees on everything have repeatedly blamed the FBI for “dropping the ball” on numerous national tragedies. Muslim terrorists on the FBI’s watch list slaughtered gay people in an Orlando nightclub. They murdered soldiers and one civilian at Fort Hood. Then there was the Boston Marathon. These were real terror events where Americans died. If only the FBI had dedicated as much time to those terrorists as it does to chasing today’s FBI Public Enemy #1, a guy who climbed Capitol scaffolding dressed as Captain America.

Sign O’ the Times

Good news! Domestic terrorists and white supremacists, beware! Today’s FBI has enough time to sniff out every Capitol-related lead; chase every mother-daughter team that spent four minutes in the Capitol; and go after every granny, dozens of Long Island patriots, every off-duty police officer, and every other American who took a selfie in the Capitol. How, you ask? They simply don’t waste time chasing the taffeta-clad arsonists of Antifa and the seemingly untouchable BLM. Who cares if they burned Washington, D.C., for six days or Portland for 100? Never mind the 700 buildings damaged in Minneapolis alone. Has the FBI tweeted they are looking for anyone involved in assaulting law enforcement in the name of St. George Floyd? Who is gonna cough up that $1 billion worth of damage that resulted from the nationwide riots? Those commie traitors are considered patriots in Biden’s America. What about REAL terrorists planning the next Orlando, Fort Hood, or Boston Marathon attack? The FBI chooses to focus on every fake-fur wearing “rebel” who carried a Trump flag in Washington, D.C., on January 6.

Time for Gen. Flynn

We watched as the Democrats’ Gestapo FBI turned Gen. Flynn’s life inside out, chasing the myth of Trump-Russia collusion, even when the FBI agent involved stated Flynn didn’t lie. Apparently they had time to trounce an American hero who has been involved in virtually every combat zone in recent history. Most people don’t realize Gen. Flynn, who was pardoned by Trump, had to sell his home to pay for his legal defense. The FBI’s battle plan is simple: Give them what they want or they will imprison you and bankrupt your family.


If they will do this to an American general, then those unarmed, selfie-taking “insurrectionists” don’t have a prayer.


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