Daily Dose of Downey: Mention Black Crime and You Are a Racist; Allow Crime and You're a Liberal

Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP, Pool

Mostly Fireworks Weekend

Independence Day weekend! Fireworks, hot dogs, a sunburn, wholesale shoplifting, and hundreds of people shot. But don’t talk about who those criminals are or you’re a… what? You guessed it, a racist!


If the recent crime surge makes you dare to fear for your family, keep it to yourself, bigot. Kate Chatfield, an official from ultra-lefty San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin’s office suggested on Twitter that crime fears are based on racism.

In response to a Twitter user saying that “every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving” San Francisco due to skyrocketing crime rates, Chatfield shot back: “‘Husbands are scared for their wives’ —-your reminder that the ‘crime surge’ crowd shares the same ideology as The Birth of a Nation,” a white supremacist film that was infamously screened in Woodrow Wilson’s White House. She’s since set her Twitter account to private.

Weird how Chatfield assumed the “crime wave” refers to black people. Isn’t THAT racist? Nahh, she’s seen the videos. She knows what’s happening, she’s just excusing and allowing it.

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Pay No Attention to the Criminals, You Kloset Klansexual

Leftists have created it all:

  • They changed laws that allow people to shoplift up to $950 worth of goods without facing arrest
  • They let the criminals out of jail
  • They got rid of bail, thus helping to create our current crime wave
  • They ask for our help to locate criminals but blur their faces in the news
  • You’re a racist if you fear for your family
  • The Dems have empowered criminals

Democrats have helped create a crime surge. Now, in a new low, they will call you a racist if you mention the monster they’ve assembled. Fox News contributor Leo Terrell spelled it out:

Democrats are masters at lying about the race card and they’re masters at blaming others. Look, let’s be honest. It’s sad. In Democratic cities, there’s a large majority of people of color who are committing these crimes based on percentage numbers. The problem is simply this: You cannot talk about black-on-black crime, you cannot talk about this crime, because if you do, then you’re accused of being a racist and the Democrats are not going to claim that they’re racist. But that’s what’s going on in these cities right now, Ainsley. And it’s happening in every city, every metropolitan city run by Democrats. 

The Elephant in the Room Is Strapped

When you mention Chicago’s harsh gun laws vs. the weekly shoot-em-up we see there every weekend, liberal apologists will always say the same thing: “The guns come from other states.” True, 60% of guns recovered in Chicago come from other states, but what happens when the guns get into the hands of Chicagoans? Roughly 22 people killed and 90 wounded in Chicago’s July 4 weekend “Festival of Lead.” See the diversion? Don’t ask why black folks are perforating each other at alarming rates, ask how they got the guns.


White privilege is not the issue. It’s about black irresponsibility. Call me a racist all you like but turning a blind eye to black crime only makes things worse. Here’s the kicker: Guess who has suffered the most from the Democrats’ crime wave plan? Asians and black folks. Video after video shows black people pummeling Asians, usually older people. The shootings around the country are usually black-on-black crimes. Oops, did I say that out loud? Am I a bigot?

Don’t Buy It, Deny It

Professional race-card player, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, recently told reporters that crime is down, and suggested that even asking about it is “offensive.” What’s offensive is the mayor watching her own, mostly black, population get shot to pieces every weekend and pretending it isn’t happening. Psst, hey Mayor, crime is way up.

Defund, Refund, Make Up Your Mind

Democrat-run cities couldn’t defund their cops fast enough. As we’ve seen, the liberals are now re-thinking that strategy AND blaming Republicans for the bloodbath we’ve seen in the wake of this buffoonery.


Most of these ridiculous liberal fantasy ideas come from who? Woke white people. The people who think they are helping black people are getting innocent people, mostly black, shot, assaulted, and killed. Dear libs, please stop “helping” black people.



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