Too Many Black Folks Break the Law? Get Rid of the Law! (Portland, of Course)

Rick Bowmer

Portland Crime Is the New Tater Tots, Bet You Can’t Have Just One

If crime is your game, Portland is your fantasy destination! Riot with impunity! Burn federal buildings and be home in time for dinner! Can’t afford bail? Holla for Kamala!


Bail reform and lenient sentencing just weren’t enough “reparations.” Portland police are no longer pulling people over for expired plates, broken headlights, failing to signal, etc. Why? Because too many black folks are getting pulled over and searched.

“Portland’s police chief and mayor are set to announce Tuesday that city police will no longer be directed to stop motorists for low-level infractions, such as equipment failures or expired plates, to reduce disproportionate stops of people of color,” reports Oregon Live. “The changes also are aimed at curtailing the potential for deadly encounters between police and people of color and allowing police to focus on more serious violations that pose an immediate threat to public safety.” No report on how many “deadly encounters” have occurred between Portland police and black folks pulled over for a bad brake light.

Another Portland Headache

Daryl Turner, Portland’s police union president, told Fox News on Sunday: “We’re dealing with rioting at a level, and a sustained violence, that we’ve never seen before. We’re looking at violence in our city, gun violence in our city like we’ve never seen before. We’re looking at the most catastrophic staffing levels we’ve ever seen before. We’re looking at budget cuts to defund us like we’ve never seen before.”


This comes on the heels of the Portland riot police resigning from the Rapid Response Team (but not from the Portland Police Dept.) and a shocking rise in crime for the second straight year.

“Driving While Black”

Black folks and lefty apologists are CERTAIN that black people are pulled over because of their skin color, but statistics don’t back that up. From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on drivers killed in car crashes:

“Fatally injured African Americans had the highest percentage with prior convictions for speeding and other moving violations.”

Libs, Stop “Helping” Black People

The pandering of white apologists to black folks has produced nothing but tragic consequences for black people. King Toady Bill de Blasio, New York City’s wildly abhorred mayor, has released hundreds of mostly black convicts. He and Gov. Cuomo unleashed the Hydra that is bail reform and defunding the NYPD, all to the detriment of the black communities, which have seen a shocking level of violent crime. If you want to help black people, hold criminals of ALL skin tones responsible. Allowing traffic infractions is just another broken window someone else will have to fix.


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When Will It End?

Leftists won’t stop gutting Portland until it looks like Aleppo. Then they will finish off Seattle and work their way south. Then east. “Racism” is the excuse the Bolshevik Americans use to burn our cities. This was never about race. It’s about a tiny portion of under-achieving nihilists in our populace gutting the country in the name of anarchy and using the myth of “systemic racism” as the altruistic purpose for burning down a nation that they think hates them.


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