Michigan Gov Pulls Most CCP Virus Restrictions--Too Little Too Late?

Michigan Office of the Governor via AP, Pool

Day Late And a Dollar Short

Michigan’s foundering governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has decided to open my home state on June 22, just over a week earlier than scheduled, ending almost all of her draconian CCP virus restrictions. ‘Bout time, Gretch.


“Today is a day that we have all been looking forward to, as we can safely get back to normal day-to-day activities and put this pandemic behind us,” Whitmer stated. “We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the medical experts and health professionals who stood on the front lines to keep us all safe. And we are incredibly thankful to all of the essential workers who kept our state moving.”

I’m fairly certain the “health expert” she is sucking up to is Dr. Fibber McFauci, considering Whitmer displayed a Fauci pillow in her Zoom updates. I didn’t even know Fauci had a gift shop.

Almost 4.9 million people, roughly 60% of Michiganders 16 years old and up, have gotten at least one vaccine shot. Whitmer’s vaccination goal is 70%, so she’s shy 10%. The embattled Whitmer gave in and agreed to open earlier than scheduled after a petition to repeal a law underpinning Whitmer’s CCP virus powers got enough signatures to climb the ladder that leads to the Michigan State Legislature. There was also lawsuit from the same lawmakers. Michigan citizens have been staging occasional protests at their state capitol since late April 2020, when the “15 days to flatten the curve” plan extended indefinitely.


Capt. Queeg Governor Whitmer signed almost 140 executive orders during the pandemic, imposing a cluster of restrictions, some of which seemed ridiculous (like no non-emergency veterinarian visits). Whitmer repeatedly argued that the measures were necessary to protect Michiganders from the CCP virus, though stats prove her plans failed–and with disastrous results. Whitmer’s on-and-off-again lockdowns killed Michigan’s economy but don’t seem to have saved lives. As of Friday, Michigan has had 997,993 reported cases of COVID-19 resulting in 20,848 deaths. Republican states that chose not to lockdown so harshly have faired way better.

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Battered Like a Perch

Whitmer isn’t very good at following her own rules and she is starting to pay the price. She was caught taking a private plane to Florida, a state she warned Michiganders to avoid due to spring break bringing so many people together. She was also busted boozing with 12 friends after stating people shouldn’t hang out in groups of more than six.

Whitmer lost a Michigan Supreme Court ruling, 7-0, in favor of a 77-year-old barber who defied her communist rules and opened his barber shop in May 2020, in defiance of Big Gretch. She took another public image punch when her attorney general pitbull Dana Nessel had a Michigan restaurant owner arrested for “selfishly” reopening her business in March 2021 and after she appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show.


A recent poll showed that 55% of voters prefer a “generic Republican” to Stretchin’ Gretchen in the next election. Even worse for Whitmer, her opponent isn’t likely to be generic. It’s looking more and more like recently retired Detroit Police Chief James Craig will be taking her on. Being a Michigander myself, I personally don’t know anyone who wants to see Whitmer’s gubernatorial sequel. I can also assure you Mr. Craig has been pretty popular since his first days as chief when he suggested Detroiters buy a gun.

Michigan Protests
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