Crime Is the New Reparations

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Blame The Conservatives

We all know black people are constant victims of conservative white suppression and racism, because we are reminded every day by the far left media, and the sheep that graze on, and then regurgitate, their ridiculous conspiracy theories. Black folks are held back by “white supremacy.” Evil Republican politicians won’t allow for federally funded reparations so what else can the lefty apologists offer?

Black Crimes Matter

So go ahead, commit crimes. Lefty cities won’t charge you bail, that’s racist! They’ll let you walk. If you’re already in a systemically racist jail they will let you out. The media won’t report your crime and the Democrats will decriminalize those pesky laws that get in the way of you taking what you deserve. You can’t lose a night’s “work” if some bigoted cop arrests you for purloining a pair of Air Jordans. You’re entitled, if you’re the right color because, you, know slavery and Jim Crow. This country owes you. If anyone mentions the crimes, like Colin Flaherty, author of “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry“, “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” and “Knockout Game a Lie, Aww Hell No,” the leftists will de-platform him at every chance.

Reparations, a Sympathy Kiss From The Left

Black crime is wildly out of proportion and that’s ok with liberals. As per the FBI’s 2019 crime stats, black people, roughly 13% of the population, were responsible for 34.9% of the the crimes involving “Stolen property; buying, receiving, possessing,” and over 50% of murders. You might not know it because the media chooses to not only ignore black crime but they frequently go so far as to hide the identity of black crime suspects, as PJM’s own Paula Boylard recently pointed out regarding the Austin, Texas mass shooting. Miami media refused to identify the three suspects in the May 30th mass shooting in which 23 people were shot. San Francisco has made a habit of not identifying black criminals, even the violent culprits. Oppressed black folks can routinely beat the snot out of elderly Asian people and our left-leaning, Pravda-like media won’t say a word. Did you hear about the white grandmother just killed by a black carjacker? Unless you follow Colin Flaherty’s page you missed it, because almost no one else mentioned it.

Take it To The Limit

Lefty politicians have all but decriminalized shoplifting in California with Prop. 47, which allows shoplifting up to $950 worth of goods, (not including guns, cars, and credit card fraud). In short, shoplifting is ok, just don’t overdo it, ok fellas? The result was Walgreens closed 17 stores in San Francisco alone due to people enjoying the government-approved five-fingered discount.

In this new video we see a thief brazenly fill a garbage bag in a San Francisco Walgreens and ride out on his bike as a security guard videos the crime but does little to stop it. The comments from the mostly liberal, white people excusing the criminal would be hilarious if this crime wasn’t such harbinger for what’s coming to the rest of the states. Imagine if it was a white guy in a MAGA hat. The same commenters would be calling for his electrocution.

Locks Are Racist

In 2019 some Walmart stores began locking up “multicultural” haircare products because they had a tendency to fall into purses and dodge the register because checkout lines are RACIST.

Despite complaints of “racism” for locking up products that are frequently stolen, the Walmart in Riverdale New York, initially defended its decision to lock up their oft-times stolen relocated black hair care products, claiming the decision to lock it up was data-driven.


“We’re sensitive to this situation and also understand, like other retailers, that some products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products are subject to additional security,” the company said in a statement Jan. 31, 2019. Then they realized keeping black people from stealing is racist and backed down. They took the popularly pilfered products out of the case creating an open season on Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Stimulator.

Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break’a My Stride

Chicago’s Mayor and highest-ranking racist Lori Lightfoot just passed a law banning most police foot pursuits, meaning the cops CAN’T CHASE criminals. She claimed it was for the safety of the police but two officers were just shot while not engaging in a foot pursuit as per Lightfoot’s new rule.

Loud And Clear

The message to criminals is clear, if a store locks up stuff you prefer to steal, call them racist and they will unlock it. Lefty politicians will decriminalize laws that keep you from taking what you are entitled to and will even tell the cops not to chase you. The media will ignore your crimes and even go so far as to blame racist white people for all those mass shootings in black neighborhoods.

Maybe if libs treated black folks like equals instead of helpless victims we wouldn’t see so many black people commit crimes. Nothing inspires black hopelessness, anger, and vengeance like the lie of black victimization.












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