Is Anyone Else Noticing a Pattern With the Increase in 'Random' Attacks on White, Asian, and Hispanic People? [UPDATED]

(LA County Sheriff's Dept.)

A 350-pound, large-breasted man pummeled a diminutive woman (actually two women) in Gardena, Calif., over the weekend. Fortunately, the second beating was caught on video, leading to the suspect’s arrest.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released surveillance photos and video showing the shirtless “man” coolly walk up to a woman and brutally pound her. He then continued to hit her as she was on the ground. At one point in the video, he grabs her hair and slams her head against her car. He then walks back to his vehicle. The unidentified suspect was arrested this weekend and authorities say that he has a criminal history of violence and is on probation. He is also accused of attacking a woman in her car in Gardena last Saturday. After the video was released, another woman came forward to say she had been attacked on the same day as the woman in the video.

Random? Time to Call it a Pattern had the audacity to fly this headline, “Mystery Motive For Vicious Random Attack On Woman Pumping Gas In Gardena: Suspect Repeatedly Punched Her For No Reason.”

Mystery motive? Random? No reason? How’s this: the Democrats and the lefty media demonize white people 24/7. Biden has black people believing gangs of white supremacists are patrolling in pick-ups looking to lynch their kids. The left tells black people, “You are a victim. Systemic racism and oppression are keeping you down and white people are to blame.” What happens when you tell people they are helpless victims? They lash out, increasingly at white, Asian, and Hispanic people.


Wealthy, black, successful (yet oppressed) race-baiter Don Lemon of CNN said in a broadcast,

We do not need their permission or their sign off on what we know to be true and what we have lived. That is whitemansplaning. How can you solve this problem, the systemic racism that is killing people of color, if you won’t even admit there’s a problem? First step is admitting there’s a problem. America knows which way the wind is blowing.

Actually, Don, the FBI knows which way the wind is blowing. As per their 2019 stats (2020 stats haven’t been released yet), black people murder more than twice as many white people every year than white people kill black people. This is not fear-mongering rhetoric, this is data, or as some people call it, science. Keep in mind two things when looking at this graph: 1) white people outnumber black people 5 to 1, so this murder rate is wildly out of proportion, 2) this graph only counts murders with one suspect, one victim, and an arrest. So when the 2020 stats come out they won’t include Josslin and Joseph Roland, parents of five kids, killed last September, because there were two victims The stats won’t include the murder of Jessica Doty Whitaker, a young mother who was shot for saying “all lives matter” to a group of BLM protesters, because no one was arrested.


I recently reported a handful of attacks on elderly white people, mostly women. These attacks aren’t random and they aren’t new. Author Colin Flaherty has written three books about black-on-white crime and how the media not only ignores it but claims white people are oppressing and attacking black people.

NPR and The Washington Post ran stories about how “Being Black is Exhausting.” The Boston Globe went one step further with a story called “Being Black Isn’t Exhausting, Racism is Exhausting.” What’s exhausting is the left propagating a racist lie that white people are the devil. A lie that is resulting in daily beat-downs and murders of white people. Surely Lemon, NPR, WaPo, and the rest of the leftist media know the truth of crime statistics but choose to perpetuate a lie that is getting people killed. When will they be held accountable?

Update 4:50 p.m.: Fox News is reporting that the victim is Hispanic.


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