5 Reasons to Believe Communism Might Be Coming to America

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Supposedly educated liberals laugh at conservatives when we mention the possibility of the United States going full-on commie, you know, like how they laughed at the idea of that handful of wacky Nazis actually seizing power in Germany.


It’s more than possible. It’s happening. Even scarier, we are allowing it to happen. Conservatives, known as the “silent majority,” may want to re-think the “silent” part of that equation—and soon.

2020 Was a Dress Rehearsal For Communism

Here are five telltale signs communism is a very real possibility for the United States of Amerika, should we allow it to happen:

  1. Agree or be silenced. Big tech is cutting the cord on people who say things that don’t jibe with the apparatchiks. Twitter and Facebook boot conservatives who won’t toe the woke line. No one is safe, including, and especially, a sitting president who smelled what the libs were cooking. President Trump was kicked off Twitter and Facebook for supposedly inciting an “insurrection.” Magically, none of the 350k “seditionists” remembered to bring their guns (none were recovered at the Capitol). Actually, not ONE January 6th protester is being charged with sedition. It doesn’t matter, Trump was silenced and that was always the goal. We will be too.
  2. Violence for we, but not for thee. Arson, looting, beating people, including law enforcement, is cool if you’re clubbing for the right team. As mentioned here, antifa and BLM were free to torch the country. Local liberal leaders, such as the mayors of Seattle and Portland, allowed anarchists to not just burn buildings and assault law enforcement but to actually take over parts of their cities. They only buckled when the mascara-wearing lady-boys came for THEIR heads. Almost half of all those arrested for federal crimes have had their charges dropped. Not so for some who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. Many of those people have been in solitary confinement since January. Antifa and BLM are hate groups that operate not only with impunity but with blessings. Steve Carrell and Kamala Harris aren’t supporting a bail fund for Americans who went to the Capitol to protest a rigged election. However, they did it for lefty rioters and violent felons including murderers and rapists.
  3. Papers, please.  We’ve seen baseball game grandstands segregated by people who have/have not been vaccinated. Gropey Joe Biden also tweeted, “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.” The CDC said people who have been vaccinated can toss their masks. How do they know who was vaccinated? They don’t, but they want to know, and they likely will. Vaccine passports are coming. Prepare to raise your sleeve and play their game or lose your job. NYS DMV employees had no choice but to get a vaccine. The people who screamed about a gay wedding cake are going to force some of us to get a jab or lose our jobs. Someone was already arrested for selling fake vaccine cards. Vax passports are yet another attempt at authoritarian control.
  4. Guns. The Bolshevik Amerikans can’t take over until they have our guns. They know the last line of patriotic defense involves citizens making a final stand. That’s why the Democrats want our AR-15s. Liberals use mass shootings as a reason to take our semi-automatic rifles but even the FBI knows more people are killed by knives OR blunt objects OR by beatings than ALL rifle styles combined.
  5. It’s already begun. If someone had told you on January 1, 2020, that in six weeks you would be unemployed, forced to stay in your house, and desperate for toilet paper, you’d have chuckled and said, “Bless your silly heart.” If I had told you that major industries such as cruise ships, casinos, live entertainment venues, small businesses, bars, and restaurants would disappear, you’d have suggested I stop sipping the clown juice. But it all happened and most of us did nothing to stop it. Those who resisted lost their business licenses or went to jail. The man who could protect us was likely out-smarted by cheating Dems in the November 2020 election. Trump has hinted at running again in 2024 but New York Attorney General Cy Vance is looking to hit Trump on criminal charges in hopes of crippling his chances of returning to the White House.

What can we do? Get involved. Find like-minded people. Support local Republican candidates. Attend school board meetings and let them know critical race theory won’t fly when it comes to your kids. Find companies that offend your beliefs and boycott them. Don’t be afraid of the left. Get Loud.



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