Canada Asks Muslims: When Will You Stop Beating Your Wives?

[I]t’s worth noting that Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Britain now all have prime ministers to the right of the US president.

That was Mark Steyn, commenting on new conservative PM Tony Abbot’s triumph in the recent elections “down under.”


In my travels around the blogosphere, I run into Americans who envy the Commonwealth’s apparent surfeit of “right wing” leaders.

They’ll jokingly ask, for instance, if anyone knows how to forge a Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” for Canada’s Stephen Harper once he’s finally out of office up here.

And certainly, Harper is vastly superior to the possible alternative.

However, not all Canadian conservatives are thrilled with every one of his government’s policies, especially on the touchy twin issues of immigration and multiculturalism.

Perhaps Abbot’s victory will embolden the Harper Conservatives, then, since many see Australia’s turn to the right as a mandate for immigration reform.

Up until now, Harper’s strategy on those matters amounts to delighting his base by, say, deporting a record number of “criminal foreigners” one day, then doing something totally stupid the next.

Like coughing up over $300,000 in taxpayer cash on a campaign to remind Muslim newcomers not to beat or murder their wives.


As my husband put it at his blog:

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and make far more sense to prevent backward savages of any and all types from settling Canada in the first place?

No one is permitted to ask such questions in Canada’s mainstream media, not even on Sun News.

That said, kudos to Brian Lilley for talking about this idiotic government program on his show.

His guest Raheel Raza is one of the few vocal pro-Western Muslims on the Canadian scene.

She’s occasionally too moderate for my liking, but she puts herself at personal risk every day just by saying the things she does:


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