Explaining the Senseless Killing of Police Officers to My Children — Again


Once again as a parent I am finding myself explaining to my older children the senseless murders of 5 police officers. That brings the grand total up to 26 officers killed in 2016 alone. Instilling virtues begins at home with the parents. Respect, treating people as you would want to be treated, and the value of human life are three of those important virtues I’m teaching my kids. They also know that if we should find the need to judge people, it’s by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.


I was raised to respect those in positions of authority, including policemen. When I was kid growing up, the nation was aghast if a police officer was shot. It was seen as the ultimate taboo. Now it’s become commonplace as the nation becomes desensitized to all violence. Police take an oath to serve and protect, putting their lives in danger every single day to protect their communities from harm.

My children have been taught not only to respect an officer, but to also respect the rule of law, something that is obviously lacking in other families’ homes across the country. Hate breeds at home, and if a parent shows hate, chances are the children will also. It’s very simple to explain. If you are obeying the law, you have no worries of being arrested. I believe the majority of police officers are honest, respectable people. Are there some crooked cops? Sure there are, but the narrative that has been projected by the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement is that all law enforcement are evil killers just looking for black people to assault and harass.

[Language Warning on the Video Below]

The BLM movement is nothing more than professional protesters and, dare I say, they should be classified as terrorists? They’re destroying whole towns over what later turns out to be justified actions by police in some cases. The case of Michael Brown being a fine example. It seems to me there is a huge culture issue within the black communities that they refuse to address. What would Martin Luther King say about BLM?


My children understand that each case involving national news is unique and we don’t ever rush to judgement, but instead wait for the facts of the case to be presented. They also know that laws were not meant to be broken and police officers are there to protect them and our community from harm. I would never want my child’s head filled with the garbage that the BLM movement and the left is pushing.

The hate needs to stop from all sides because the truth and reality is that ALL LIVES MATTER, black, white, and blue.

Do you agree? Please leave me a comment and let me know how you handle this issue with your kids.




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