Norm Macdonald Trolls SJWs with Hilarious LGBT Rant

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Norm Macdonald is one of the funniest comics ever. He’s also hard to get a handle on, and that’s a big part of his genius. A perpetual outsider, Macdonald almost always leaves the audience (whether an audience of one or of many) wondering if the comic is putting them on. It’s next to impossible to discern where his act ends and his real life and thoughts begin. This was on full display during a recent taping of a HuffPost Live segment in which Macdonald riffed on the LGBT acronym as well as homosexuality and transgenderism. The host was noticeably disturbed and confused about how to handle Macdonald.


The comic is best known for his stint on SNL, hosting “Weekend Update” after the departure of Kevin Nealon. Controversy swirled around Macdonald’s dismissal, with the comic claiming that it was because Don Ohlmeyer, a good pal and vocal supporter of O.J. Simpson, didn’t like Macdonald’s constant shots at Simpson. For example, the weekend after the O.J. verdict was announced, Macdonald opened “Weekend Update” with the line, “Well, it is finally officially: murder is legal in the state of California.”

While claiming to be apolitical, Macdonald has made frequent comments that cause many to wonder if he’s not a conservative. On the other hand, he’s also made comments that point in the other direction. The thing is, and referencing his particular brand of comic genius, it’s hard to know when Macdonald is actually speaking for himself and when he’s using his unwitting audience as part of his material. He seems to enjoy confusing people with contradictions and hypocrisy (he has a great bit about hypocrisy). With that being acknowledged, it would be arrogantly foolish to attempt to discern his actual views on homosexuality and transgenderism from the video. His personal views are mostly irrelevant, however. Macdonald is obviously playing into some glaring absurdities that exist within the LGBT agenda.


I won’t ruin Macdonald’s extended bit (assuming that it is, in fact, a bit), but to whet your appetite, here’s one sample from the interview where he pushes on the SJW mantra of blindly accepting all things transgenderism:

Macdonald:  “All transgenders, you know, are courageous. Except the ones that are serial killers. I don’t care for them.”

Stunned into the silence, the host then committed the cardinal sin of broadcasting by allowing a rather large moment of dead air. Macdonald, being who he is, seized the opportunity to continue with his hilarious and un-PC rant. Watch the video below to enjoy the full hilarity of Norm Macdonald trolling SJWs.


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