Liberals in France Deny Babies With Down Syndrome Their Safe Space


Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger said and promoted many horrendous things. For starters, she took a dim view of minorities, to put it lightly—very lightly. Further, Planned Parenthood’s patron saint frequently expressed views of the poor and underprivileged that would earn her banishment from the sacred safe spaces of today’s social justice warriors—if SJWs had even a modicum of selfless consistency, that is. In fact, demonstrating a hypocritical commitment to Margaret Sanger’s hatred of those who didn’t look or sound like her, liberals in France have taken up her mission of purging society of undesirables. Specifically, in France, it’s apparently open season on those with Down Syndrome.


As one of the heroes of leftists, Margaret Sanger had little time for charity for those she frequently referred to as the “mentally defective.” Embracing eugenics, Sanger worked tirelessly to create a world that matched her elitist, leftist vision. It’s no secret that the eugenics movement of the early twentieth century is the ideological foundation of the pro-abortion movement. Over the decades, however, because of their self-centered desire to live out the sexual revolution unencumbered by cause and effect, many of those who defend abortion have turned a blind eye to the genesis of the horrific societal sin of abortion—the murder of babies.

Well, France has apparently missed the memo that part of the liberal game plan involves rhetorical distortions in order to avoid revealing the inseparable role that eugenics plays in abortion. Or, more likely, the left has reached the point where pretending to actually care about women and people with special needs has become completely untenable when defending the murder of babies. This explains why the French Broadcasting Council has banned a video that was created in order to encourage parents of children with Down Syndrome:

Setting aside the desire to write an article about the frightening activity of the Orwellian-named French Broadcasting Council, this censorship reveals that liberals would rather defend the sexual revolution than promote actual and good social justice work. Proving that, a French court has agreed with the French Broadcast Council’s belief that the video will “likely disturb the consciences of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.”


As a modern aid to making personal life choices, prenatal genetic testing can provide a woman with information about “problems” with her baby. This new science has been a windfall for modern-day disciples of eugenics. Writing for Life News, Cassy Fiano reveals the horrifying reality that, “When parents receive a prenatal diagnosis, 9 times out of 10, they will choose to abort that child, simply because the baby has an extra chromosome.” This eugenics-fueled holocaust of people with Down Syndrome should horrify all of us.

Obviously, a heart-warming video that affirms the innate value and beauty of those with Down Syndrome, and that encourages parents of children with the disorder could very well go a long way to helping stop the holocaust of people with it. If the rhetoric of the pro-choice crowd is to be believed, stopping that holocaust should be on their to-do-list.

One of the common arguments used by those who are pro-choice is that they, too, want to see abortion decrease; that outlawing abortion will only cause women to seek dangerous, back alley abortions. Conservatives are chided liberalsplained for only giving lip service to being pro-life. Furthermore, and without really needing to be pointed out, the left has said that they are committed to protecting all humans, regardless of identity markers. The left has frequently expressed a desire to defend and protect those with special needs.


Combining their stated desire to lower the number of abortions with their stated desire to see equal value in all people, regardless of identities—including people with special needs—it seems that a video created in conjunction with World Down Syndrome Day would be celebrated by liberals. Nope. A circle can indeed be a square in the left’s desired universe because the feelings of post-abortive women are more important to liberals in France than are the lives of people with Down Syndrome.

While babies with Down Syndrome are victims of mass genocide, the very people who support abortion are busy becoming upset over cisgender actors playing transgender characters. While babies with Down Syndrome are being violently murdered while still in what should be the safest of spaces they will ever live—their mommy’s tummy—liberals are busy setting up safe spaces for adults who don’t want to be around other ethnicities. You see, for leftists, the hyper-individualism of the sexual revolution must be protected at all costs. Anything that even remotely threatens abortion must be terminated. If the holocaust of people with Down Syndrome is the cost, leftists will happily pay it. We live during an evil time.


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