All Congressional Dems Are Vaccinated, But Not All Republicans Are... Possibly

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Are you vaccinated against COVID-19? I am. It makes sense to me because all the evidence indicates it’ll keep me from getting sick or making anybody else sick. The past 14(!) months have really sucked, and it’s nice to be able to do the stuff I used to do. Last week I sat down in a restaurant for the first time in over a year, and today I’m going to a movie theater.* Not only is it a relief to be able to do that stuff without worrying about a deadly virus, but I’m stimulating the local economy. Jobs. Remember those? So it’s all good.


And, also, in addition to that, I’m not angry at anybody who hasn’t gotten vaccinated and doesn’t plan to. It’s absolutely none of my business. I don’t need to see your vaccination card. And I don’t care if you’re wearing a mask, because you can’t make me sick. (Well, you might make me nauseous, but that’s just your breath.) The only scientific reason to wear a face mask is to protect the people around you in case you’re sick. I’m vaccinated, so you can’t put me in the hospital by exhaling around me. So what do I care? Your body, your choice. I’m not going to follow you around in the supermarket, recording myself screaming at you so I can post it for online clout.

But journalists and other Democrats don’t believe in liberty, and they’re not about to give up a once-in-a-century chance to scold everybody they dislike. And there’s nobody they like less than Republicans. Lauren Fox, Kristin Wilson, Sarah Fortinsky and Ali Zaslav, CNN:

Although the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or practice social distancing indoors or outdoors except under special circumstances, the House mask requirement will remain in place until all members and floor staff are fully vaccinated.

“No,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when asked if the rule mandating masks unless a member is speaking on the House floor would be modified. She then asked, “Are they all vaccinated?”

The answer, among Democrats across both chambers, is a 100% vaccination rate. For Republicans, it’s a different story — with at least 44.8% of House members vaccinated and at least 92% of senators.



One hundred and twelve Republican offices did not respond to multiple CNN inquires.

So maybe some of those 112 Congressional Republicans are vaccinated, but they just don’t want to talk to CNN. Or maybe they don’t think it’s anybody’s business but their own. Can you blame them either way?

Even if they’re not vaccinated… so what? They can only make each other sick. If the only people in Congress who are in any possible danger are Republicans, shouldn’t the Democrats be cheering? After all, they hate Republicans and want them to die. Well then, Dems should just sit back and watch. Either they’ll get to gloat or, more likely, they’ll just pretend they never panicked about it.

Of course, ex-Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace are eager to signal their virtue to their newfound tribe whose acceptance they crave:


Remember when libs loved science? Yeah, never mind. They’re making sure their noses are covered while stuck into other people’s business. “Altruism” is a great excuse for being a busybody.

OUT: “The CDC says you need to wear masks everywhere. What’s wrong with you?”
IN: “The CDC says you don’t need to wear masks everywhere. What’s wrong with them?”

Science says the vaccines are working. Science says the pandemic is winding down in the United States. At this point, anything else is just superstition and fear. That’s what the Democrats sell, and I ain’t buying.

*Army of the Dead, which looks awesome. You can watch the first 15 minutes here until midnight tonight, May 14, 2021. I can’t wait to get back to being annoyed by rude people in movie theaters!



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