Does AOC Care About Kids in Cages Anymore?

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Remember when America was basically Nazi Germany because of all the kids in cages? Day in and day out, the news was filled with frenzied screaming about kids in cages, kids in cages, kids in cages. According to our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press, Trump’s treatment of unaccompanied children at our southern border proved he was another Hitler. Never mind how similar it was to Obama’s treatment of unaccompanied children at our southern border. Who built the cages those kids were in? King Barry. And who did all the journos want to protect? King Barry.


By all accounts, the situation at the border is even worse today, two months into the Biden administration. It’s the worst border crisis in 20 years, we’re told. Now we’re even packing these poor kids into empty football stadiums. Does that have anything to do with Biden saying the following during the 2020 presidential campaign?

We may never know. Just because the president of the United States has told people in South America to “surge to the border,” and now people in South America are surging to the border, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any connection.

And where is NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during all this? She made her bones by calling out the Trump administration about immigration:


(Remember, AOC’s publicity stunt wasn’t staged in front of an empty parking lot. It was staged in front of an empty access road. I made that mistake and Facebook punished this entire site for it.)

Few politicians have made more effective use of social media than AOC, so it’s fair to ask how she’s using social media to respond to the crisis at the border. The answer is: sparingly.

Evie Fordham and Cameron Cawthorne, Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has only tweeted about the situation at the border a handful of times since President Biden took office, compared to her dozens of tweets about the border — including accusations that the GOP constructed “mass concentration camps” — during the Trump administration…

During the Trump administration, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted about the terms “cages,” “concentration camps” and “internment camps” in relation to the border nearly two dozen times between February 2018 and July 2019…

Migrant children are arriving at the U.S. southern border at rates faster than they can be processed and transferred to sponsor homes, a senior Customs and Border Protection official told Fox News, all while the Biden administration has repeatedly denied that there is a “crisis” at the border.


Yeah, she had a lot to say about it as recently as a month ago:

But that was a month ago. Since then, she’s been Twitter-silent about it. Considering how rare it is for her to shut up on Twitter or anywhere else, it seems fair to ask why. Does AOC really have no opinion about the border crisis in March 2021? Did she just suddenly stop caring? If it was a problem a month ago, why isn’t a problem now, when things are even worse?

Libs think America is the worst country in the world because we don’t let in everybody who’s desperate to live here. And libs care about it more than anything else in the world, right up until the moment it starts to embarrass the Democrats.


By the way, did we ever learn the identity of the Capitol Police officer who allegedly threatened AOC? She gave us that whole dramatic monologue about how unsafe she was during the Capitol riot, and she blamed some unnamed Capitol cop. And then… nothing. We don’t even know his name.

Oh well! 🤷🏻‍♂️


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