What Did the Lincoln Project Know About John Weaver, and When?

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Have you heard of the Lincoln Project? They’re a group of Republicans who really, really like money and really, really want the Democrats to like them. During the 2020 election, they decided to fight Orange Man by behaving exactly like him. They might as well call themselves the Trump Project. They’re so obnoxious that they even managed to alienate a lot of cuck RINO traitors and probable Hillary voters like me. The Lincoln Project is the worst thing to happen to the 16th president since that movie about hunting vampires.


And as it turns out, those creeps are even worse than I thought. Last month, Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver resigned when the news broke that he’d been offering young men career opportunities in return for sex. In response, LP just said this: “John’s statement speaks for itself.” But it didn’t speak for itself. It didn’t tell us what the rest of those Lincoln Project jerks knew about Weaver’s activities, or when they knew it.

Those scumbags keep insisting they had no idea, which seems highly unlikely. And as of today, it’s even less likely. Steve Peoples and Brian Slodysko, Associated Press:

In June 2020, members of [the Lincoln Project’s] leadership were informed in writing and in subsequent phone calls of at least 10 specific allegations of harassment against co-founder John Weaver, including two involving Lincoln Project employees, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the situation…

Last June, someone working for the Lincoln Project payroll sent an email to [Ron] Steslow, one of the organization’s co-founders, detailing numerous cases of sexual harassment involving Weaver that spanned several years. While the AP has not seen the email, its contents were confirmed by four people who had directly seen it…

…Multiple people familiar with the situation say that Steslow immediately raised the email with [Reed] Galen, who helped manage day-to-day operations at the time, and the Lincoln Project’s corporate counsel Matthew Sanderson. Steslow also encouraged his colleagues to remove Weaver from the organization.

Those allegations and others were discussed on subsequent phone calls with organization leaders in June and August, and employees were assured that the alleged incidents would be investigated.


Read the whole thing, if you still need convincing. And the Washington Blade also claims to have uncovered evidence that these guys knew what Weaver was doing.

These creeps got their millions. They bought their new boats and cars and houses and whatever. They used Trump to amass Trump-like wealth for themselves. And they weren’t going to let a few victims of sexual abuse slow down the flow of cash.

Speaking as someone who really doesn’t like Trump or any other liberals — I’m glad Trump was impeached, and he should be convicted in the Senate due to the preponderance of evidence, but he won’t be because the Republicans are cowards — I wish everybody should try to be a bit more discerning about who they choose to trust, based on a mutual loathing of Trump. Guess what? Just because you hate the same person LP co-founder Rick Wilson hates, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should trust Rick Wilson.

It’s never a good idea to trust Rick Wilson.

Sorry, but I refuse to be scolded by a grifter who covered for a sexual predator. I may be #NeverTrump, but I’m not #NeverThink.


And on that note, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite clips of 2020: Rick Wilson getting absolutely roasted by a bunch of cartoon characters written by leftists. Watching him seethe and squirm is deeply satisfying. I hope Rick has fun on his new team. They really seem to like him!

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