Here Are Two Theories About Hunter Biden's Allegedly Abandoned Laptop

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If you’ve been following the Case of Hunter Biden’s Allegedly Abandoned Laptop, you know that a lot of very powerful people wish you weren’t. Twitter and Facebook have tried to censor it. The New York Times has spilled a lot of ink trying to discredit the New York Post reporters who filed the original story, without even trying to verify the story itself. If the laptop is real and so is the evidence on it, that could be bad news for Joe Biden. So our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left won’t even admit the possibility that it’s real.


Speaking only for myself, I don’t care who wins the election in less than two weeks. I’m just sick and tired of listening to the lies from people who do.

I’m told this makes me a provincial rube:

Maybe so, Charlie, if by “outsiders” you mean “people who get their news exclusively from the NYT.”

You can’t expect anybody to know the details of a story you refuse to report. We all learned that in 2008, when the NYT refused to report on the John Edwards story until it became glaringly obvious that he really did have a secret child with his mistress. For weeks, as it became more and more obvious to the outside world that Edwards was guilty, the NYT kept the story out of their pages. Then they had to scramble to explain the story to their readers, who had no idea it was happening because they only read the NYT.

So, since I’m “deep in [my] own information universe” and people like Charlie Warzel of the NYT aren’t, I thought I’d try to lay out the information I’ve been able to gather over the past week. There seem to be two prevailing theories about this story, and I’ll examine each one as thoroughly as the available facts permit. I’ll limit it to the physical evidence itself, the laptop, and not any of the stuff that’s allegedly on the laptop.


Y’know. For anyone who’s not “deep in the pro-Trump information universe.”

Theory 1: Hunter Biden, a known drug abuser, was visiting his father in Wilmington, DE in April 2019 and abandoned one of his laptops at a nearby repair shop.


I’m not going to give out the address for either Joe Biden’s house or the Mac Shop (the Wilmington computer repair store that claims to have found this alleged evidence), because I’m not a doxer. But both addresses are publicly available and you can look them up yourself. If you find both addresses and plug them into Google Maps, you’ll see that the repair shop is less than five miles from Joe Biden’s residence in Wilmington.

Map of the area around the Biden home and The Mac Shop, where Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off his laptop.

Is it really so far-fetched to imagine that Hunter Biden has ever been to his father’s house?

There’s even an Amtrak station within the same five-mile radius, and we all know how much the Biden family loves Amtrak. Maybe that’s how Hunter got there from his home in Los Angeles. Or, more likely, he flew. He can certainly afford either mode of transportation, considering all that money he’s made for doing a job nobody seems to be able to describe.

Additionally, the repair shop owner has a signed invoice:


The date on the invoice is April 12, 2019. That’s less than two weeks before Joe Biden officially launched his presidential campaign. And the same month, Hunter resigned from Burisma.

Isn’t it possible that Hunter and his dad might’ve had a few things to talk about that month, face to face? Is it really outside the realm of possibility that Hunter was in Wilmington on April 12, 2019?

If he wasn’t, presumably he can prove it. He seems like a well-traveled guy — Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, etc. — so presumably he can account for his whereabouts on April 12, 2019. Or maybe he was at or near his home in LA. Was he seen there on or around that date? He should be able to prove that too.

If not, why not?

As for why anyone would be irresponsible enough to abandon a laptop… Well, I’ve left my laptop behind only once in my life, at an airport security check, and luckily a diligent TSA staffer stopped me before I forgot it. And I don’t even have a history of illegal drug use, as Hunter has admitted. Reportedly he once left a crack pipe in a rental car. Is it impossible that an abuser of illegal drugs might abandon a laptop?

So that’s the evidence I’ve been able to find so far. Maybe none of it adds up for you, Dear Reader. I guess it all depends on how badly you want this story to go away.

Theory 2: Putin did it.




Can I get back to you on that one?

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