Black Lives Matter Mural at Trump Tower Draws Angry Crowd

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Last week, the worst mayor in the history of the United States decided it was a good idea to use city funds to paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower. Bill de Blasio is too incompetent to do anything about the skyrocketing murder rate, and his administration is directly responsible for the 22,000 New Yorkers who have died so far from COVID-19 the Chinese virus, but at least he can troll the president of the United States while simultaneously begging for federal funds.


If the goal of de Blasio’s #woke photo op was to set New Yorkers against each other and escalate the hostility even further, he has succeeded beyond his wildest pinko commie dreams. Lee Brown, NY Post:

On Saturday — just two days after Mayor Bill de Blasio was jeered as he helped paint the large yellow mural — there were further ugly confrontations as dozens of “All Lives Matter” counter-protesters descended on Fifth Avenue, photos and video show…

One woman screamed “F–k you” at Black Lives Matter protesters, giving double middle-finger salutes — also making exaggerated coughing and sneezing gestures seemingly to scare rivals during the coronavirus pandemic, the footage shows…

A group also photobombed a man who appeared to be filming on his phone about the death of George Floyd. He finally gave up and screamed “F–k you!” as they filled the frame and gave rude gestures.

Witness the loveliness for yourself:

Just wonderful behavior from all involved. Truly inspiring. And apparently we’re done worrying about spreading the virus? You don’t need a mask if you’re really angry. Your righteous indignation acts as a forcefield.

For a movement that claims to be interested in justice, Black Lives Matter sure is racking up a body count. And not just in NYC. Just the other day in Indianapolis, a young mother was shot to death in public after responding to BLM protesters by saying, “All lives matter.” The BLM movement doesn’t believe that’s true, because the murdered woman was white. Her life and the lives of her loved ones don’t matter.


It’s not about racial equality, it’s about racial supremacy. If you don’t have the proper skin tone, they don’t care whether you live or die. They’re every bit as bigoted as they falsely accuse you of being.

But what’s the real root cause of all this violent crime? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows what’s up:

That’s all it is. They’re not criminals, they’re victims of society. They just need to “shoplift some bread or go hungry.” That’s why people are murdering each other in the street, according to AOC.

Remember #DefundThePolice? That sure went away in a hurry, didn’t it? It turns out people don’t want to leave their neighborhoods defenseless against violent crime, no matter how many times you call them racists.

All of this lying, race-baiting, and violence isn’t just random chaos. This lunacy is all part of the Democrats’ plan. If you want to control people, you need to set them against each other. You need to make them afraid to say the wrong thing, and “the wrong thing” can change at any moment, for any reason or no reason at all. If people can get killed for saying all lives matter, they’ll stop saying it.


I just want everybody to stop being insane. Take a nap. Read a book. Eat some soup. Calm the hell down. Just try to go one day without being crazy idiots. You can do it, America.

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