Charlamagne tha God to Elizabeth Warren: 'You're Kind of Like the Original Rachel Dolezal'

Last October, Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA test in an attempt to stem all the talk about her claim to Native American heritage. The test showed she has almost no Native American heritage, but that didn’t stop CNN and the Daily Beast and all the other Democrats with press passes from celebrating her supposed victory. And at the time, I wrote:


I’d like your help with a thought experiment, Dear Reader: Imagine Rachel Dolezal decided to run for president.


Are you all done? Thank you. Okay then, imagine that Dolezal is running for president. Let’s assume she runs as a Democrat, because we all know the only black Republican on the planet is Kanye. And Dolezal’s one defining trait, the only thing that sets her apart from all the other Democratic candidates who spout all the same tedious leftist talking points she does, is her claim of exotic ancestry. Dolezal isn’t like all those awful, awful white people whose votes she needs. She’s actually black! That’s why she should be president.

And do you think that if Democratic candidate Rachel Dolezal took a DNA test, and it showed she actually had 1/1,024th African ancestry, it would get everybody off her back?

Yet Elizabeth Warren has mostly gotten a pass for her cultural appropriation. Mostly.

While appearing on the syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club this morning, Warren got a little pushback from co-host Charlamagne tha God. She was asked about the DNA test fiasco and tried to filibuster and pander her way out of it, but he didn’t let her:


“You’re kind of like the original Rachel Dolezal, a little bit. Rachel Dolezal was a white woman pretending to be black.”

“Well, this is what I learned from my family.”

It’s been almost eight months since her DNA stunt imploded, and Warren still can’t come up with a good answer. It took a guy who calls himself Charlamagne tha God to corner her on this. He batted away her rote attempts to evade the question, and reduced her to a sputtering mess as she babbled out her stock excuse yet again.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Elizabeth Warren is the Rachel Dolezal of politics. Warren did exactly the same thing Dolezal did, with far greater success, but Dems don’t condemn her for it because she might be in a position to give them what they want: power.

And Warren can count on their protection. Now you can’t even make jokes about her on Twitter. Radio host Erick Erickson was just suspended for making this joke at her expense:

Nice job, Twitter. Heap big totalitarianism!


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