Lefties Sure Do Love Political Violence

Leftists like to shriek about “incitement to violence” whenever they’re criticized. Then they turn right around and condone violence.

Over in Great Britain, the country of which we are blessedly independent, people are now throwing milkshakes on public figures who want Britain to be independent from the rest of Europe. Some genius just did that to Nigel Farage:


And now, even the brands are celebrating it:

Granted, the only reason anybody should ever buy a Burger King milkshake is to use it as a weapon, because it’s unfit for human consumption.

Dehumanizing your opponent is crucial. Over on this side of the pond, an indie comics publisher called Devil’s Due just published Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force, a comic book that apparently depicts AOC as some sort of superhero. (And then they moan, “Why are Republicans so obsessed with her?”) Here’s one of the comic’s variant covers:

This is an homage to the very first issue of Captain America back in 1941, which depicted Cap punching Hitler. Get it?

And the #Resistance cheers, because they’re terrified of political violence except when it’s aimed at their enemies.

(DC Comics isn’t happy about her costume there, by the way. AOC is less “Wonder Woman” than “Wonder how this woman manages to feed herself.”)


Now, this sort of stuff is relatively mild. It’s quite a step back from James T. Hodgkinson trying to kill Republicans, and almost succeeding with Steve Scalise, because they won an election and Hodgkinson didn’t like it. But normalizing this sort of rhetoric is dangerous, no matter what you think about Trump or Farage or anybody else. “This behavior is justified because I really hate these guys” has never led to anything good.

I’m not outraged by this nonsense, just… depressed. Why does the left have to be so tedious? Why can’t they behave like grownups? But then, they wouldn’t need to resort to such stunts if any of their policies actually worked.


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