Who Is the UC Berkeley Puncher?

UC Berkeley attacker Zachary Greenberg. Image via YouTube.

When 16-year-old Nick Sandmann* delivered The Smirk Seen ‘Round the World last month, journalists and other liberals pounced and seized on it like the huge national news story it wasn’t. The brief video of the MAGA-hatted lad smiling at activist/fabulist Nathan Phillips went viral, and within 24 hours we knew Sandmann’s name, where he’s from, and where he goes to school. In fact, his school had to be shut down because of all the death threats. When further video evidence appeared, proving that Sandmann didn’t do anything wrong and in fact tried to defuse tensions, most of the people who threatened him and tried to get him expelled just pretended they were still right all along. It was #FakeButAccurate. That kid had to be the bad guy if he was wearing the bad hat, right? The outrage mob made a few more pathetic attempts to slander Covington Catholic, and when that didn’t work, they stopped screaming about that hoax and immediately started screaming about the Jussie Smollett hoax. It was a busy month for getting angry at things that didn’t actually happen.


Fast-forward to last week on the campus of UC Berkeley, and a hate crime that actually did happen. A young fellow named Hayden Williams was manning a table for Turning Point USA when he was threatened and punched (video courtesy of Campus Reform):

And here’s a clear image of the attacker:

That was a week ago. You’d think that the attacker would’ve been arrested by now, or at least identified. Right?


David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon:

Police are still searching for a man caught on video last week punching conservative activist Hayden Williams in the face on the University of California, Berkeley campus…

Police do not believe the suspect is a student at the university.

That’s it. The cops now claim they’ve identified the attacker, but they haven’t arrested him and they’re not releasing his name to the public.

Would they be protecting this violent thug’s identity if he had been wearing a MAGA hat?

And what triggered the black-clad hooligan? What drove him to such a violent rage? It was a sign reading “Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims,” a reference to the Smollett hoax. This coward got so triggered by a fake hate crime that he committed a real one.


The whole thing was caught on camera. Williams has the injuries to show for it. This attack happened. And what are the headlines?


Once you notice when that word is used and when it isn’t, you can’t unsee it. When a Democrat or some other designated victim claims to have been attacked, there’s nothing “alleged” about it. It’s presented as fact. The attack happened, even if there’s definitive proof it didn’t happen. But if the actual victim of an actual on-camera attack isn’t a designated victim, then it becomes “alleged.” We wouldn’t want to make any hasty assumptions, now, would we?

You can’t just go around punching people for saying things you don’t like. Not even in Berkeley. The cops need to arrest his guy, or explain why they haven’t.

And this is coming from me, a cuck RINO traitor who probably wanted Hillary to get elected. You know things are bad when I make common cause with the Trumpkins who hate my guts!

*Sandmann is now suing the Washington Post for defamation. He’s demanding $250 million, and I’ll be surprised if he gets even a fraction of that. But I’m rooting for him. They tried to ruin that kid’s life, and they need to answer for it. When the media starts going after children for wearing the wrong hats, I’m not listening to any of their whining about how mean Trump is to them. They’ve become as addicted to victimhood as every other Democrat.



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