Rachel Dolezal Booked for Fraud Because the System Is Racist

Identity politics can be confusing. (AP Photo/Nicholas K. Geranios, File)

First things first: I’m not going to pretend to know what it’s like to be a black woman. Hell, unlike Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning, and many other dudes in 2018, I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to be any woman. But I do know that in America, black women have to put up with a lot more crap than most other people. They have to deal with both racism and sexism, which apparently is a phenomenon called “intersectionality.” (I’ve tried and tried to figure out what that word actually means, but I guess I’m not smart enough to figure out modern feminism.) Black women have to work even harder and smarter than white women and black men do, just to make the same societal gains. For that reason, among others, I hope the Democrats nominate Kamala Harris for president in 2020.*


But as tough as it is to be a black woman, it must be even tougher when you know in your heart that you really are one, but your DNA disagrees. Imagine waking up and knowing exactly who you are inside, but then being confronted with the wrong face in the mirror. What a nightmare.

That’s why I sympathize with Rachel Dolezal. I think she’s been unfairly maligned by #woke America. But I’m not going to make excuses for her when she runs afoul of both social justice and actual justice. Samuel Chamberlain, Fox News:

Former Spokane NAACP President Nkechi Diallo — who became infamous as Rachel Dolezal, a white woman identifying as black — was booked and fingerprinted at a Washington state jail Monday as she awaits trial on multiple charges, including welfare fraud…

Diallo, who changed her name from Rachel Dolezal in October 2016, is accused of receiving more than $8,800 in food and childcare assistance illegally between August 2015 and November 2017.

Fraud is wrong, and if she did the crime, she should do the time. But I don’t hate her for it. She’s just trying to feed her family. She’s trying to make a living while the whole world screams curses at her. She was just minding her own business up there in Spokane, not hurting anybody, when that interview went viral. You could’ve gone your whole life without knowing or caring about her one way or the other. Why all the hate?


Speaking of frauds pretending to be something they’re not, this guy seems to be doing just fine:

Shaun King has made a lot more money and gotten more mainstream respect for doing this schtick than Dolezal has. Many of the people who hate her seem to love him. I guess it all goes back to that “intersectionality” thing I mentioned earlier. If you can’t stand her, and can’t stand for any criticism of him, that just proves you’re a sexist. He can get away with it because he’s a man.

I don’t know what’s next for Rachel, or Nkechi, or whatever she wants to call herself. It’s just too bad that while every other trans identity group is being celebrated these days — transgender, transsexual, even transspecies — Dolezal’s transracial identity is mocked and excoriated. The same liberal scolds who are still yelling at me for typing “Bruce Jenner” in the first paragraph can’t handle Dolezal’s transition.

People only hate her because they think she’s invading their territory. Racial identity is so precious to them that they can’t think of anything else. In 2018 America, you can be anything you want to be, unless you want to be a black woman.


*Another reason is that, despite the furious protestations of my more MAGAlicious detractors, I don’t want the Dems to win elections. Trump is only the second-worst possible choice.


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