Media Matters Celebrates 17 Years of Error-Infested, Fact-Checker-Approved 'Reporting'

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If there was a conservative news site that routinely published errors and exaggerations as part of its business model, we all know what would happen.

Facebook would hide the stories. Hacks at would swing into action. Google would disappear the story. For good measure, @Jack @Twitter would spank them and put them on truth probation, or worse, as befell James O’Keefe for reporting facts.


The flying monkeys at Media Matters don’t know how good they have it.

See, Media Matters next month is celebrating seventeen years of error-infested reporting without any scrutiny from, Politifact, or any social media suspension whatsoever. Boy, they have it good.  They can just make it up and nobody cares.

Take the latest from Eric Kleefeld, “Senior Writer, Rapid Response.”

Kleefeld was obliged to rapidly respond to an interview of George Bush on Tuesday. Bush lives inside the heads at Media Matters, rent-free. After all, the origin story of Media Matters centers on David Brock’s fever dream, and Bush was at the center of the night sweats and self-loathing.

Media Matters utilizes a storytelling device that was used to popularize the earliest epic poems such as “Beowulf,” “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” and works by Homer — just make it up and tell it over and over.

Senior Writer Kleefeld uses this ancient device of repeating myth to attack me, as well as Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation, regarding our work on election integrity.


And two of the most prolific modern-day peddlers of Trump’s voter fraud paranoia, Hans Von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams, first came to prominence with positions in the Bush-era Justice Department. During their tenures, von Spakovsky “overruled career attorneys who wanted to block Georgia from enforcing a strict photo ID requirement,” while Adams declined to prosecute the far-right Minutemen for reportedly intimidating Hispanic voters in Arizona.

Adams declined to prosecute far-right Minutemen?


I must have missed that. Senior Writer Kleefeld might ask his supervisors at the Rapid Response Unit if Media Matters is keeping its defamation policy up to date.

Why? I 100 percent never ever whatsoever one bit had anything to do with Hispanic voters or Minutemen in Arizona. Nothing. None. Zero. When I was at the Justice Department, this was not my case. I didn’t work on it. I did not decide it. I knew nothing about it. Zippo.

In other words, me having anything to do with Arizona Minutemen and voter intimidation in Arizona is as real as Grendel, Hrothgar’s mead hall, and the Bull of Heaven. Make up a story and repeat it, and it becomes epic.


Nor did von Spakovsky overrule career lawyers in the Georgia Voter ID submission. The career lawyer in charge of the process – the career Voting Section chief – recommended approval.

Will PolitiFact right this wrong? Will @Jack ban Senior Writer Kleefeld of the Rapid Response Unit? How about  We all know the answer.

On May 3, next month, Media Matters celebrates 17 years of keeping the epic poetry tradition alive. Senior Writer Kleefeld of the Rapid Response Unit might celebrate with a dram and toast to Brock and his glorious deeds as a devoted thane should.


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