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U.S. Embassies Around World Still Refuse to Hang Trump Portrait, Swamp Still in Control

In multiple embassies around the world, particularly those staffed entirely by career Foreign Service officers, no portrait of President Trump or Vice President Pence has been hung. Up until last week, the swamp had an excuse – there was no official portrait and the swamp refused to go to the trouble to find unofficial ones.

But it’s not just the entrances to embassies where it seems the 2016 election never happened. All throughout the government, Obama holdovers who rabidly oppose President Trump and his policies still hold positions of extraordinary power. The swamp is alive and well.

Consider the National Security Council, where Fernando Cutz is enabling Trump’s most mortal enemies – George Soros and the globalist Left – to threaten to topple the pro-American government of one of America’s closest allies, Guatemala.

Fernando Cutz

Cutz is the director of South American policy at the National Security Council. He is a graduate of the Clinton School of Public Service, managed Obama’s cozying up to the Communists in Cuba, was on the Obama National Security Council staff in the “global engagement” office, and is a committed swamp creature of the foreign service genus.

Back to Guatemala. George Soros money and United Nations officials are attempting to use an activist leftist “Constitutional Court” in Guatemala to undermine, and perhaps ultimately remove, President Jimmy Morales. One effect of this judicial coup is to impair the rights of American mining interests in the country. The Guatemalan government has been very helpful in stemming human trafficking and drugs that ultimately wind up in the United States.

Instead of defending American interests and the Guatemalan government against coordinated Soros-driven attacks, the American embassy, with Cutz’s support and oversight, has enabled it. Cutz controls the information flow to Trump loyalists. A maelstrom of swamp bureaucrats at State are in full agreement.

The irony is thick. Soros money and international leftists are Trump’s most mortal political foes at home, while abroad the same gang is seeking to undermine one of America’s strongest allies, and yet a man who enables this Soros agenda — Cutz — works in the National Security Council.

But the problem isn’t confined to the State Department or the National Security Council. The swamp is alive and well at the Department of Justice also. There, other ideological radicals and Obama holdovers remain in positions of power, pretending that President Trump’s election never occurred.

Meet Richard Pilger. Pilger is the answer to the Jeopardy question: “Who was asleep on watch at the Justice Department for eight years of Obama and never brought a single case of voter fraud?”

Pilger is still the head of the Election Crimes Branch at the Criminal Division. Pilger is the same DOJ lawyer who was consulting with Lois Lerner as she was targeting Tea Party groups, and refused to answer questions from the House Oversight Committee.

Whenever you read a story about voter fraud during the Obama administration that wasn’t prosecuted by the Justice Department, it’s Pilger who was in charge.

Oh boy, were there chances. Chances upon chances. Even Democrat nominees for Congress like Wendy Rosen were committing federal voter fraud, but Pilger did nothing. After all, Rosen voted twice in 2012 to re-elect President Obama, so nothing to see here.

Pilger is still in his post, doing nothing.

The Heritage Foundation has this nifty new voter fraud database where you can look up case after case that violated federal election laws, where Pilger did nothing.

Perhaps Pilger was just taking orders from higher-ups like Eric Holder. So what? Push back, resign, find another career. Let’s see what happens if Brian Benczkowski is confirmed to be Pilger’s new boss as assistant attorney general. Will federal employees who helped to undermine our electoral integrity for the last eight years by not bringing a single voter fraud case be allowed to keep jobs that pay $160,000 a year without really doing their job?

It’s time for Trump’s political appointees to choose between implementing top Trump priorities or simply preserving the institutional status quo.

I’ve had several reliable sources in a position to know report to me that Trump has on multiple occasions directly demanded to various cabinet officials that this-or-that holdover be removed “by the end of the week,” only to be told it would happen, but ultimately it doesn’t. Stories of holdovers remaining have accumulated and festered in the West Wing, angering some who should not be angered. Obama holdovers wielding continued power have become part of the #Resist movement that aims to undo and undermine the results of the 2016 election as if Trump never won.

No visit to the swamp would be complete without paddling into the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department where the anti-Trump swamp creatures and Obama holdovers occupy an entire layer of political control.

Underneath any assistant attorney general at DOJ, there are multiple deputy assistant attorneys general, or “DAAGS.” These DAAGS control the day-to-day information flow, management oversight of large individual sections, such as voting, and are in positions of incredible power.

Yet at the Civil Rights Division, every one of the four political DAAG slots is currently held by a committed left-wing Obama holdover.

Rebecca Bond

Let’s meet them. Rebecca Bond was elevated from the career swamp ranks to manage the Education Section and Disability Rights Section, a section she used to manage.

Alberto Ruisanchez, someone I once worked with and know, was elevated right before the inauguration by Obama officials to run the Immigration Section and Policy Section. Next, Obama added to the number of “career” DAAGS, meaning positions that exist across different presidencies and thus allow institutionalization of the swamp in the political management layer. Two Obama-era career swamp lawyers were promoted into the policy-making positions – Greg Friel and Robert Moossy, the latter being responsible for so many of the anti-police policies of the last eight years.

Be certain that not one of them voted for President Trump. I’d wager that none of them have much nice to say about the president or know many people who do.

Tom Perez (L), unidentified FBI agent, and DAAG Robert Moossy (R)

Until there is a Senate-confirmed assistant attorney general for civil rights, the associate attorney general – Rachel Brand – is the first political appointee above this mess who can do anything about it.

Realize that we could write another 100 versions of this article, for different divisions, different agencies, different swamp creatures. All throughout the government, the swamp is still in charge  It’s like the 2016 election never happened. Only the president and his closest advisors seem to have the will to do anything about it.

Note: I am slated to appear with Judge Jeanine on Fox News tonight, November 4, to talk about these swamp creatures. 9 p.m. ET.