Illegal Alien Voter Convicted in Texas is Tip of the Iceberg

Convicted fraudster Rosa Ortega

You won’t hear much about Rosa Maria Ortega after this week.  Ortega is the Mexican  alien who was caught illegally voting five times in American elections.  Ortega is Bigfoot for those in the media, professors, and Democrats who tell us that “voter fraud is as rare as Bigfoot.”


The caustic radical Andrew Cohen is one of the purveyors of that lie (@JustADCohen).

Unfortunately, when it comes to voter fraud, when you catch one crook, it usually means there are hundreds more hiding in the darkness.  When it comes to aliens voting, it’s more like thousands and thousands.  And yes, there is evidence of large numbers of aliens getting on American voter rolls for anyone who cares to look, as we shall see.

“Voter fraud is a myth” is the favorite lazy narrative at places like the New York Times, the DNC, CNN and the Brennan Center for Justice (apologies, I repeat myself again). That’s why Ortega is about to disappear down the memory hole.

Convicted fraudster Rosa Ortega

Instead of Winston and his coworkers dropping information down the memory hole, in 2017 it’s Andrew Cohen, CNN’s purveyor of fake news Chris Cuomo, and Chris Hayes at MSNBC who will make Ortega disappear.

The reason people like Hayes, Cohen, Cuomo, and the rest want information about voter fraud to vanish is because they like how the fraudsters vote.

It’s not just Ortega they hide.  Hayes, Cohen, Cuomo, and their confederates ignore proof of alien voting in plain sight.

Meet Sharmina Akthar, the next alien voter to transit down the memory hole.

Akthar was registered to vote in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Akthar was found not to be an American citizen according to government records I obtained (see banner above).

Akthar was also a regular voter in federal elections according to government records.

Let’s recount why we know about Akthar’s participation in Virginia elections.


When fellow PJ Media writer Hans von Spakovsky was on the Fairfax Board of Elections in Virginia, he initiated a program to collect information about those who escape jury duty by saying under oath they are not an American citizen.  Election officials then took that information and cross referenced it with election rolls.

Out popped Sharmnia Akthar and hundreds of other aliens registered to vote.

Did we hear about this at MSNBC?  CNN?  The Brennan Center?

Of course not. They are in the business of truth denial, memory holes, and fake news.

Sharmia Akthar, alien, non-citizen, was also voting.   Government records reveal Akthar voted for president in 2008.  Akthar voted in the February 2008 Democratic primary in Virginia and the midterm elections in 2006.

In my review of alien voting data, 2008 and 2012 were particularly attractive elections for aliens.  They must have really liked John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Naturally, Akthar is not serving time in a federal penitentiary because Barack Obama was the president and Eric Holder was the attorney general.  They didn’t prosecute alien voting because it helped them win elections.

But that’s just one person, the memory hole operators will crow:  Show us widespread voter fraud!

Fine.  Based on the preliminary efforts of von Spakovsky, the Public Interest Legal Foundation began to harvest government records of registrants who were removed from the rolls because of citizenship problems from across Virginia.  PILF asked over 20 counties to provide government documents showing the names and numbers of registrants canceled for citizenship problems.


Election officials stonewalled the requests.  So much for the truth.  This is one of the reasons why there is not as much evidence of voter fraud as there could be – collusion and obstruction by those who want to conceal the extent of voter fraud.

PILF had to sue election officials from three jurisdictions in federal court to obtain the records – Larry Haake from Chesterfield County and registrars in Manassas and Alexandria.

And don’t think this is just a Democratic Party problem.  Haake enjoys the support of county Republicans who continually appoint the board oversight that retains him despite his history of abrasive flouting of election laws.  When PILF asked the state officials for a copy of all the cancellations for citizenship cancellation, the state only offered to provide registrants who received a notice for a possible problem and the current registration status of those individuals.  Had one of the people died, they would have shown up as cancelled.  In other words, even the state tried to hide the extent of the problem.  Some local county registrars in Virginia relied on false information provided by the state in this regard.

Larry Haake (L) and Jerry Baldwin, Chesterfield County GOP Chair (R)

Most election administrators have played “hide the facts.”  Not Texas.  They’re prosecuting the alien voters.

Haake and other election officials eventually capitulated to our lawsuits and turned over the requested data.  Counties which have not turned the data over are the next to be sued.


The problem with alien voting is exacerbated by the Motor Voter registration form.  On it, aliens merely check a box saying they are an American citizen, and they land on the rolls.  No questions asked.

When some states like Kansas and Georgia started asking questions about citizenship beyond the form, leftist groups like the League of Women Voters and Project Vote sued.

PILF already published a report containing summaries of the public information regarding alien voting cancellation in just eight Virginia counties.  CNN never came calling. (Fox did). Fake News doesn’t appreciate real news.  Since that report, more counties – including the three sued – have provided more information, and an updated report on alien voting will be forthcoming.

That new report will be the next thing to be dropped down CNN’s memory hole.  But now there’s an administration in power more likely to handle alien voters like Texas handled Rosa Maria Ortega.

Ortega is enjoying free room and board courtesy of Texas for the next eight years.   Aliens who have been voting may be joining her.



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