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Trump is Right, John Ellis is Wrong: Elections Are Vulnerable to Criminal Fraud

One of the bright spots of the Trump campaign has been his willingness to talk about vulnerabilities in the election system, vulnerabilities that many at PJ Media have been writing about here for years.

This has passed Mr. John Ellis by apparently.  Who?  Ellis writes at PJ Media:

There’s no actual evidence of any substantial voter fraud being perpetuated.

Has this site been hacked by WikiLeaks? When did George Soros get the passwords?!  When did the talking points of the radical voter fraud-denying left appear here?

You might not like Trump — after all, Ellis elevates the discourse by calling Mr. Trump “the orange Oompa Loompa” — but ignoring the vulnerabilities to the election system that I and others have been writing about for years only encourages more criminal activity.

No actual evidence of substantial voter fraud?

For starters, it’s Media Matters that routinely refers to studies documenting voter fraud as “discredited.”  In Ellis’ case, he relied on the Washington Post, an outlet that I’ve documented routinely gives cover to criminal voter fraud.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the voter fraud deniers never address documented facts.  For one, as I’ve written here at PJ Media, in just eight Virginia counties, 1,046 registrants were removed from the rolls for citizenship problems.  That was only the registrants that were actually caught by accident, and only in eight counties.  Across the Commonwealth, the numbers of aliens on the rolls is almost certainly in the five-figure range.  All of this is documented here, including the names of the aliens.  Pennsylvania had similar problems with aliens on the rolls.

Perhaps that isn’t “substantial” to voter fraud deniers.  Ask Mark Obenshain if he agrees with that dismissal, having lost his election for Virginia attorney general by 165 votes.

But that’s not all.

When I was at the Justice Department Voting Section, the incoming Obama administration shut down enforcement of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act.  That’s the part that requires election officials to keep clean rolls free of ineligible voters.  That’s why the voter rolls are now infested with millions of dead and ineligible voters.

I appeared on Fox News discussing a report by Pew backing up the fact that millions of registrations are for dead and ineligible people.

Perhaps that isn’t substantial to voter fraud deniers.

But there are so many other ways the elections are being made vulnerable to criminal activity.  Let’s review a few.

In Ohio, legislation designed to stop the demonstrable voter fraud that Obama campaign volunteers engaged in in 2008 has been challenged in court by left-wing groups seeking to preserve vulnerabilities.

The Voting Section at DOJ has been populated by radical lawyers who are hostile to election integrity and are using their government jobs to fight it.

Legislators opposed to election integrity were indicted for taking bribes to oppose Voter ID, revealing the scope of the criminality involving elections reaches every cranny of the system.

Because of voter fraud, Obamacare passed.

Still don’t think it’s substantial? Hans von Spakovsky has more examples.

And more.

And more.

And because of corrupted voter rolls, Wendy Rosen, a Democrat candidate for Congress, was able to vote twice for president.

Double and illegal voting has infested Virginia and Maryland.  Voter fraud changed the outcome of this Missouri election. And instead of facing federal felony charges, this Ohio election official was celebrated by Democrats for voting six times for President Obama using bad voter registrations.

This barely scratches the surface of describing how vulnerable our elections are to fraud.  None of this is an accident.  George Soros money and his spawn are doing all they can to break down election-integrity barriers in court and in legislatures.

If someone is full of hatred and rage at Trump, fine.  But find another issue to hit him with.  On the question of vulnerabilities on our election system, Trump is bringing much needed attention to the issue.