Manipulating U.S. Elections: 10 Ways Voting Is Being Hacked by the Left

George Soros-funded organizations are trying to rewrite the rules of how elections are run so that it is easier for Democrats and leftists to win. Flush with millions of dollars, these organizations are seeking to fundamentally transform American election rules so they permanently favor the agenda of Democrats, racial interest groups, progressives, and organized labor.

Below are ten top agenda items of the organized Left to transform American election outcomes by transforming process rules.

You're probably only familiar with one -- the Left's fight against voter identification laws. But the Left’s agenda goes far beyond opposition to voter ID.

For example, tens of thousands of aliens are on American voter rolls, if not more. And they're voting. The Soros-funded Left opposes efforts to find and remove aliens on the rolls, because the aliens are voting the way they want.

Voter ID is only one component of election integrity. You need to know about the Left's expansive agenda to permanently transform the American election process.


1. Block Citizenship Verification

There are ways for election officials to detect aliens on the voter rolls, but it requires the cooperation of the federal government. Under President Obama, the federal government has interfered with efforts to detect and remove citizens from the voter rolls.

The primary tool for detecting non-citizens on voter rolls is the SAVE database run by DHS (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements). SAVE lists every alien in the federal immigration process -- either caught illegal aliens, those on visas, or those seeking citizenship. Federal law mandates that the states shall have access to the data.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has made it next to impossible to access the data.

Florida even had to sue the United States before it was permitted a measure of access to the data. DOJ sued to stop Florida's citizenship verification efforts. Even when access to the SAVE database is granted, the Department of Homeland Security makes it hard for election officials to use the data.


DOJ's complaint with a swarm of lawyers suing Florida From the DOJ's complaint, with a swarm of lawyers suing Florida

Hardly any election officials are using a readily available source of citizenship data: jury excusal forms.  Aliens routinely escape jury duty by noting they are not citizens. Because jury pools are usually drawn from voter registration data, this excusal should be used by election officials to maintain clean voter rolls, but rarely is used.

The Obama Justice Department has also interfered with citizenship verification. With the collusion of Soros-funded organizations, the DOJ has tried to stop states like Kansas and Georgia from verifying citizenship of voters.

There’s one reason for this: aliens who registered illegally tend to vote for Democrats.


2. Early Voting

The Soros-funded left has made early voting a top priority. While elections used to take place on Election Day, that proved too hard to get the unmotivated to the polls. Early voting allows the organized labor machine and other progressive organizations to run their GOTV campaign for weeks.

Early voting is so important to the modern Democrats that they sued Ohio and North Carolina under the Voting Rights Act when those states dared reduce it by a few days. They tried to constitutionalize early voting by claiming efforts to shrink it violated the Constitution. Soros-money and free help from large law firms poured into the efforts.

North Carolina beat them, but the federal appeals court reversed. Ohio lost to the left but won before the federal appeals court.

There are so many reasons early voting is bad, but perhaps the worst one is that spreading the election out over weeks makes it more difficult to observe the voting process. One side has the manpower to park observers in the polls, and the other side doesn’t. That’s how the left likes it.


3. Out of Precinct Voting

Out of precinct voting means that if you don’t have a clue where to vote, it shouldn’t matter. Out of precinct voting is an agenda item for the fundamental transformation of American elections. Advocates say it makes it easier to vote, and who really needs to know where they are supposed to vote? It’s part of the "lack of responsibility" generation.

But election officials who must manage many different ballots depending on where you live might disagree. State house and school board lines are often tied to precincts. Nevertheless, advocates will demand no expense be spared to build a system where you can vote where you aren’t supposed to.