Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Bayh

You might wonder why Indiana made national news with a state police investigation into industrial scale voter fraud.  A progressive front group is reportedly generating large scale phony voter registrations.  The Indiana Voter Registration project exists to try to help Democrat Evan Bayh win back a Senate seat he held for years.


An open seat for U.S. Senate attracts vote fraudsters like a Manhattan dumpster attracts rats.

Despite Bayh’s support by these progressive radicals, he still has a reputation among many in Indiana as a centrist.

What’s the truth?  Is former Senator Bayh the thoughtful centrist he seems when he visits Indiana, or, is he a leftist that will represent values out of touch with Indiana?

Unfortunately, his votes on perhaps the most important issue facing the next Congress have the answer. With the passing of Justice Scalia, and with three other justices having been born during the New Deal, Indiana’s next Senator may vote on as many four nominees to the Supreme Court.

When it comes to the Supreme Court, Bayh has always acted as a raw leftwing partisan.  Think Ted Kennedy.  Think Al Franken.

While Bayh voted to confirm both of President Obama’s nominees, Justices Kagan and Sotomayor, he voted against every Republican nominee including a vote against Chief Justice John Roberts – a fellow Hoosier!   He also voted to filibuster Justice Samuel Alito, a bow to the most radical leftists in the Democratic base.

When he is in Washington, Bayh behaves like the most ideological radicals inside the Beltway.  His talk back home is very different.


Contrast Bayh’s record on judges with Senator Richard Lugar, a genuine centrist.  For good or ill, Lugar voted to confirm both Republican and Democratic nominees to the Supreme Court, sometimes to his political detriment.  Retiring Senator Dan Coats, someone Bayh seeks to replace, even voted to confirm Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Justice who has perfected the art of blending liberal politics with jurisprudence.


In the next few years, the Supreme Court will consider issues that touch nearly every aspect of daily life and government.  For example, the Court is likely to reevaluate whether a citizen has an individual right to bear arms, whether a state can require voters to present photo identification at the polls, and whether individuals have a right to fully express their views during elections.

Bayh will vote to approve Clinton nominees that will be on the wrong side of these issues, and he will vote to block Trump nominees who are on the right side.

The fate of the Supreme Court is the one issue that has many movement constitutional conservatives voting for Trump.  It would be high irony if Bayh received the down-ballot support of mainstream Indiana voters supporting Trump because they think he is a centrist.

Bayh will be a reliable vote to further radicalize the Supreme Court and the entire court system.  He’s not the centrist he seems when it comes to the most important issue of this election.



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