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Meet the Leftist DOJ Lawyers Suing the Cleveland Police Department

The Justice Department yesterday announced a simultaneous lawsuit and settlement with the Cleveland police department.  The settlement will impose significant federal mandates on the police.  This comes after a Cleveland police officer was acquitted of wrongdoing by a court after the officer shot a suspect at the conclusion of a 100 mph car chase.

The agreement imposes a ten-member “community police commission” who will watch over the police, only three of whom have any law enforcement perspective.  The remaining seven are sure to include individuals either actively involved in the racialist anti-police efforts or one degree of separation from the same.  The agreement imposes a federal monitor, a person likely to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in this role.  The police will have to undergo “bias free policing principle” training.  The Obama Justice Department uses an outfit funded by George Soros and affiliated with former Black Panther (and still communist) Angela Davis to train police about bias.  Any time a Cleveland police officer unholsters his or her weapon, a report must be filed with the federal monitor.

In Los Angeles, a similar DOJ enforcement scheme led crime to spike and police officers to refuse to work on gang units.

Some will say that the Cleveland police department has a pattern or practice of excessive force. After all, a Justice Department report said so!

When Justice Department reports are used to support Justice Department lawsuits it’s important and very relevant to learn the radical backgrounds of the lawyers writing the reports and pushing the lawsuits.  PJ Media has already conducted an extensive investigation into the radical backgrounds of the Justice Department lawyers hired by the Obama administration’s Civil Rights Division.

These radical ideologies of Washington D.C. Justice Department lawyers result in ideologically driven law enforcement.  When lawyers believe the police are part of a racist structure, questionable enforcement actions by those lawyers will result

Worst of all, Cleveland didn’t even make the Justice Department prove their case.  They just rolled over and died.  When targets don’t fight back and force the Justice Department to prove their case in court, the federalist balance of power suffers.  Local governments are supposed to run their own police departments, no matter what the Obama administration wishes the Constitution says to the contrary.

So let’s meet the lawyers who brought the case against Cleveland resulting in federal oversight of the police department.  Excerpts from the PJ Media expose of the Special Litigation Section that brought the case against Cleveland.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta is a former ACLU lawyer.  She most famously said that the Baltimore riots were caused by slavery and Jim Crow laws.  Enough said.



Jack Morse: Mr. Morse comes to the Civil Rights Division straight out of law school, during which time he interned for the ACLU of Georgia’s National Security/Immigrant Rights Project and for the Georgia Innocence Project. He also helped draft reports for the ACLU suggesting that the “287(g) program” (which allows local law enforcement to participate in enforcement of federal immigration laws) contributes to racial profiling and should be eliminated. Anyone still confused by Mr. Morse’s views might peruse his law review article in which he argues that the federal government may not legitimately classify material support of terrorism as a war crime (!) and that the U.S. thus improperly tried Salim Hamdan (OBL’s driver) by military commission. …. It’s nice to know that there are so many advocates of Guantanamo Bay terrorists in the Special Litigation Section.

Rashida Ogletree: The daughter of Obama pal and Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree, Ms. Ogletree joined the Section after working as a staff attorney at the District of Columbia Public Defender’s Office. Before that, she had interned at the Legal Action Center, which describes itself as “the only non-profit law and policy organization in the United States whose sole mission is to fight discrimination against people with histories of addiction, HIV/AIDS, or criminal records, and to advocate for sound public policies in these areas.” She also participated in the Brennan Center for Public Policy Advocacy Clinic, where she worked on efforts to give voting rights to convicted felons. Leaving no activist stone unturned, she preceded those activities with internships at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem and the EEOC, as well as a gig as the Education and Enforcement Coordinator for the Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston. And to top it all off, she served as an editor of the “progressive” Review of Law and Social Change at NYU Law School.

Judy Preston was a long time Justice Department employee and is characterized by former DOJ officials as “one of the biggest bleeding hearts” in the entire Division.

Emily Gunston: Ms. Gunston arrived at Justice after working for nearly 10 years as a public defender in Contra Costa County, California. While a law student at Berkeley, she also interned at the Homeless Action Center, a group dedicated to agitating for government entitlement payments.

Naturally nobody on the DOJ has any experience outside of the leftist civil rights echo chamber.  Naturally nobody has any experience in law enforcement.  After all, that doesn’t matter.  What matters is ideological leftists with high-paying jobs in Washington D.C. telling local police departments who to listen to and how to behave.